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Dr Amrita Kasat

Nuclear Medicine


Dr Amrita Kasat is a Nuclear Medicine and PET-CT Expert with over 7 years of experience in reporting nuclear medicine investigations, PET-CT Scans and administrating high dose radioisotope therapies. She has worked with a reputed hospital in Singapore for 4 years prior to joining HCG.

She is also credited with an international fellowship in administering high dose RAI for Carcinoma thyroid, Lutituim DOTATATE therapy for neuroendocrine tumors, bone pain palliation for osteoblastic skeletal metastases and toxic radioiodine therapy for hyperthyroidism.

Dr Kasat has experience in reporting diagnostic nuclear medicine investigations (ex: hepatobiliary, myocardial perfusion, bone, renal, thyroid, iodine scans etc.,) and administrating high dose radioisotope therapies.

Her area of expertise is diagnostic PET-CT with special interest in oncology imaging. She has national and international publications to her credit and has presented papers in multiple conferences.