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Dr Sharankumar Shetty

Surgical Oncology


Educational Qualification:
MCh (Head &Neck Surgical Oncology), FSOG

Doctor Profile Write-up:
Graduate from MRMC college Kalaburagi, completed MS,MCH From'Amrita institute of medical sciences.
worked as an Asst. prof. Head & Neck Surgical Onco. From JUN 2013-Dec 2013,    Sr. consultant Head & Neck Omega 
hospita, Hydearabad Dec 2013- Mar 2015.    Head & Neck Onco. At krishna inst. Of med. Sci. Aug 2015- Apr 2016.
Sr. consultant Head and Neck sur. Onco. Care hosp. Hyderabad Apr 2016- Feb 2018.
Sr. consultant Head and Neck sur. Onco. Belgaum cancer cdenter Feb 2018- Oct 2019.
Sr. consultant Head and Neck sur. Onco. HCG Cancer center Kalaburagi from Oct 2019 to till date.

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Primary Area of Interest:
Head & Neck oncologist

Secondary Area of Interest:
Reconstruction (Microvascular free flap)