Dr. Basant S. Kamwal

   MBBS, MD (Internal Medicine)

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Dr. Basant S. Kamwal

Consultant Physician and Critical Care


MBBS, MD (Internal Medicine)



HCG Cancer Centre - Borivali


22 Years

  • Dr. Basant S Kamwal is a highly experienced and skilled consultant physician and critical care with over 22 years of clinical experience in the field. He has an extensive background in critical care and has treated a wide range of critically ill patients, including those with cancer.
  • He has high-level expertise in TMT, 2-d echo, central line insertion, endotracheal intubation, and ventilator care.
  • With over 6 years of experience in handling oncological emergencies and critically ill cancer patients, Dr. Basant is proficient in managing all medical emergencies that can arise in cancer patients, including infections, respiratory distress, and other complications.
  • Dr. Basant also has expertise in hospital infection control and antibiotic stewardship, ensuring that patients receive the best possible care while minimising the risk of infection. 
  • In addition, Dr. Basant is skilled in preoperative assessment and postoperative cancer care. He also leads the Code Blue/Rapid Response Team and MEWS Team, which responds to medical emergencies and ensures that patients receive prompt medical support and care.
  • Dr. Basant is also a member of the hospital's patient safety committee, where he advocates for the best possible care for all patients. 
  • Dr. Basant regularly attends state- and national-level CMEs and conferences to exchange knowledge on the recent developments in the field of critical care and emergency management.
  • He is a registered member of MCI, MMC, and GMC.
  • He is also a lifetime member of the IMA Ahmedabad Physician Association and Association of Medical Consultants, Mumbai.
  • The Effect of Streptokinase in Acute Myocardial Infarction - Submitted and Published at Gujarat University, Ahmedabad in Sep 1995.

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