Dr. Roshan Kumar Patil

   MBBS, MD (Oncology and Cancer Biology), PDCR

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Dr. Roshan Kumar Patil


MBBS, MD (Oncology and Cancer Biology), PDCR


Radiation Oncology


HCG Manavata Cancer Centre - Nasik


4 Years

  • His services include TomoTherapy-H, linear accelerator & brachytherapy. 
  • Dr Roshan’s expertise lies in the management of head and neck cancers, thoracic cancers, gastrointestinal cancers, gynaecological cancers, genitourinary cancers and breast cancers.
  • He has handled more than 4000 cases so far.
  • Prevalence of molecular subtypes of breast cancer: a single institutional experience of 2062 patients (2020). European journal of breast health, 16(1), 39.
  • Predictors of weight loss in patients with head and neck cancer receiving radiation or concurrent chemoradiation treated at a tertiary cancer center (2020). Nutrition in Clinical Practice, 35(6), 1047-1052.
  • Factors influencing non-adherence to radiotherapy: a retrospective audit of 1,548 patients from a tertiary cancer centre (2020).  Journal of Radiotherapy in Practice, 19(4), 359-364.
  • Evaluation of Prognostic Factors that Affect Survival Outcomes of Breast Cancer Patients with Brain Metastases: A Single Institutional Experience (2021). European Journal of Breast Health, 17(1), 62.
  • Whole Liver Radiotherapy-an Underutilized Weapon for Diffuse Liver Metastasis: A Case Report (2020). Middle East Journal of Cancer.

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