Dr. Sharankumar Shetty

   MBBS, MS (ENT), MCh (Head and Neck Surgical Oncology), FSOG (NIMMS)

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Dr. Sharankumar Shetty


MBBS, MS (ENT), MCh (Head and Neck Surgical Oncology), FSOG (NIMMS)


Surgical Oncology


HCG NMR Cancer Centre - Hubli
HCG Cancer Centre - Kalaburagi


15 Years

  • Dr. Sharankumar’s primary interest lies in the surgical management of head and neck cancers.
  • His secondary interest is reconstructive surgeries – mainly, microvascular free flap.
  • Dr. Sharankumar has handled more than 2800 cases, so far.
  • Dr. Shetty is into research and has numerous publications to his credit.
  • Verrucous lesuins of the oral cavity treated with suurgery: of clinico-pathologic features and outcome. Contemp clin Dent. 2012 Jan;3(1):60-3.
  • A randomised control trial to verify the efficacy of pre-operative intra venous tranexamic acin in the control of tonsillectomy bleeding. India J Otalaryngol Head & Neck surg. 2011 jan;63(1):20-6.
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