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First from HCG

HCG vows to always be at the forefront of Cancer research and treatment. It is due to this dedication that our team of trained and experienced radiation oncologists thinks of their work as a personal investment.
HCG is known for pioneering a series of firsts:
  • Asia's first bloodless Bone Marrow Transplant was performed by our experts.
  • India's first Computer Assisted Tumour Navigation Surgery (CATS) was brought in by us.
  • HCG is the first hospital in India to introduce Flattening Free Filter (FFF) mode technology for treatment.
  • It is also the first in Asia to have treated a patient with 3D radio-guided surgery – Surgic Eye.
  • We introduced biological reconstruction to treat bone cancer in India.
  • Cyberheart – First hospital in India to remove a tumour in the left ventricle of the heart through CyberKnife.
  • We were the first in India to save a patient's vocal cord through the world's most advanced laser technology.
  • It is the first hospital in India to introduce high precision, Trans-Oral, Laser Surgery (TOLS), endoscopically.
  • HCG has conducted the largest number of Breast Conservation Surgeries in India.
  • It was the first in India to introduce Hyperthermia as a form of treatment.
  • HCG is the first hospital in India to introduce TomoTherapy H®.
  • First in the world to perform the quickest Radio Surgery to treat Trigeminal Neuralgia ("The Suicide Disease").
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