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PET CT is an important diagnostic and prognostic tool in cancer treatment. From diagnosis to staging, monitoring to evaluating patient’s response to the therapy, Digital PET CT is indispensable in every stage of cancer treatment.
The Digital PET CT scanner redefines precision with advanced sensitivity and detectability parameters compared to analog PET CT scanners. This aids in efficient dose management, reduced scan times, devising effective treatment plans and helps in enhancing the patient experience.
Diagnosis through Digital PET CT provides a better understanding of the disease progression including the detection of smaller lesions at lower PET isotope doses.
Before carrying out a PET scan, a radioactive isotope is produced in a cyclotron. It is then tagged to a specific chemical like glucose. The tagged specific chemical is known as a radiotracer. The radiotracer is then injected into the human body by intravenous route. Once the radiotracer is inside the human body, it will reach those areas in the body which utilize this natural chemical - Glucose. It goes into those parts of the body that use it for energy. Tumour cells, for example, absorb glucose at higher rates due to their greater metabolic activity and hence help in detecting tumour growth with greater accuracy.
A special camera or imaging device then detects the radioactive emissions from the radiotracer and accordingly produces the images on the structure and functioning of the organs.
The following are the biggest advantages of a Digital PET CT Scan:
  • A completely safe procedure
  • Reliable detection of small lesions. Provides great image clarity ensuring accurate diagnosis
  • Advanced reconstruction algorithms help in reducing scan time
  • Radiation exposure reduced by 50-70%
  • Better understanding of disease progression
  • Can provide precise information on cancer staging
  • Helps doctors evaluate the effectiveness of the treatment