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HCG Cancer Centre has been revolutionizing cancer care, since its inception in Bangalore. HCG has grown to become the largest network of cancer care hospitals. HCG was the first cancer centre in the country to introduce Cyclotron and PET-CT technologies with an integrated approach towards cancer care along with a combination of an experienced team of specialists and advanced technologies to ensure that patients receive the right care and treatment. 

HCG Cancer Centre, Double Road, Bangalore has a clinical team comprising of a highly qualified, trained and experienced surgical oncologists, radiation oncologists, medical oncologists, radiologists and nuclear medicine physicians, who are available round-the-clock for extensive patient service. The cancer centre provides quality cancer care through surgical oncology, radiation oncology & medical oncology with a full range of diagnostics.

The diagnostic facilities at HCG BIO are equipped with state-of-the-art imaging technologies like 3T MRI, PET-CT, and SPECT. Triesta specialty laboratories provide state-of-the-art diagnostic testing with expertise in oncology testing, allowing the clinicians to get an enhanced diagnosis, which aids in deciding an optimal course of cancer treatment and results in better clinical outcomes.

The services provided under medical oncology include Haemato oncology, Paediatric oncology, and chemotherapy

At HCG BIO, located at Double Road Bangalore, surgeries have moved from a more radical approach towards organ preservation, shorter hospital stays, and minimally invasive robotic surgeries.

In radiation oncology patients have access to state-of-art technology like Linear Accelerator which allows the tumor to be targeted with pinpoint accuracy. For oncology thought leaders, such technology allows pioneering new treatments that go beyond today's clinical norms.

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