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HCG CCK Cancer Centre, Nairobi, Kenya is the first private comprehensive cancer centre in the East African region. This comprehensive cancer center has the facilities like Radiation Therapy, Surgical Oncology, Medical Oncology, Psycho-Oncology, Palliative Care and Patient Support all under a single roof.

HCG CCK Cancer Centre is well-equipped with state-of-the-art technology and along with a multi-disciplinary team of oncologists, it offers the highest quality of cancer care in the East African region. With this partnership, HCG has also become the first Indian cancer care hospital to invest in the African Continent.

The cancer centre works on the principle of interactive consultations between various sub-specialties in the Tumour Board to decide on the best possible treatment for patients. The patient-focused and individualized multidisciplinary therapy work towards faster recovery and an improved quality of life.

Oncology centres globally embrace advanced radiotherapy technologies for better outcomes. Intensity modulated radiation therapy (IMRT) is an advanced radiation technique employing recent innovations in imaging for accurate outcomes. 3DCRT was the standard procedure for Radiation Therapy but now with the introduction of IMRT we intend to benefit cancer patients in Kenya and across East Africa.

About IMRT :

IMRT is a novel technique of conformal radiation therapy. Since last two decades, it has established itself as a unique and useful radiation therapy technique in treating various tumor sites. IMRT is particularly suited for tumors near critical organs. It limits the radiation dose to normal tissue and achieves relatively higher radiation dose to tumor tissue compared to conventional radiotherapy.

IMRT is the proven technique in the treatment of:

• Head and Neck Cancers: IMRT achieves good tumor control with less chances of developing dry mouth through sparing the salivary glands that produce the saliva. Also, lesser radiation exposure to surrounding organs resulting in fewer complications that might arise years later.

• Tumors located in pelvic region like Prostate, Cervical, Endometrial cancers, where organs at risk (bladder and rectum) limits dose to the tumor. With IMRT technique, we can increase the dose for treatment of prostate cancer from 70Gy in standard 3-DCRT to dose above or equal to 76 Gy in IMRT without unnecessarily exposing the bladder and rectal organs to high doses of radiation making IMRT a better option because increased tumour control, lesser side effects and improved quality of life.

• IMRT technique is also suitable for treating cancers located in chest and abdominal area like esophagus, stomach, pancreas etc which are close to a lot of normal organs and treating them with IMRT technique leads to reduced dose to uninvolved organs leading to better quality of life.

• IMRT is also suitable for previously radiated tumor site.

• Reduced Radiation Toxicity compared to 3DCRT and conventional techniques

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