Day Care Chemotherapy Centre

HCG Day Care Centre is a well-equipped chemotherapy clinic. Day care chemotherapy allows patients to walk home the same day of chemotherapy infusion; this saves both time and resources for patients.

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HCG Day Care Chemotherapy Centre

HCG Day Care Chemotherapy Centre is a well-equipped chemotherapy clinic. Day care chemotherapy allows patients to walk home the same day of chemotherapy infusion; this saves both time and resources for patients.

Day care chemotherapy is one of the novel concepts in cancer care. HCG is one of the first cancer hospitals to understand its importance and make it accessible to the patients. In many cases, chemotherapy patients do not even require a bed; they can receive treatment on a private couch or in the common lounge while reading, watching television or scrolling on their phones.

As a full-fledged and specialised Day Care Chemotherapy Centre, it has a 360-degree approach towards promoting wellness among patients undergoing chemotherapy.

At our Day Care Chemotherapy Centre, patients can consult skilled and experienced medical oncologists in an ambient treatment setting. Our cancer care team here also consists of specialised onconurses and RMOs.


1. Right Information and the Best Treatment

The medical oncologists at our Day Care Chemotherapy Centre will have several discussions with the patients and their caregivers to provide sufficient information about the treatment, possible after-effects and follow-ups.

Through our skilled expertise and personalised treatment plans, we focus on delivering the right treatment, the first time.

2. Comfortable Treatment Setting

HCG’s Day Care Chemotherapy Centre is a one-of-a-kind treatment facility with spacious and comforting treatment and waiting areas. Every patient’s chemotherapy sessions are well planned. They are assigned a bed/recliner as soon as they walk into the centre.

3. Care and Support by Specialised Onconurses

Onconurses are specialised nurses who are skilled in taking care of cancer patients. These nurses are fully aware of the suffering and discomfort experienced by cancer patients and are trained to provide extra care and attention during these challenging times.

4. Majority Would Not Require an Overnight Stay

At the Day Care Chemotherapy Centre, patients can receive their treatment and leave for their home on the same day. In recent times, specialists are able to deliver chemotherapy in such a way that it is more convenient and less daunting for the patients.

This centre is also capable of delivering novel therapies in oncology, such as immunotherapy and hormonal therapy.

5. A Dedicated Cytotoxic Drug Mixing Cabinet

HCG’s Day Care Chemotherapy Centre has a dedicated cytotoxic drug mixing cabinet to prevent spillage and contaminations during the mixing and ensure safe administration of chemotherapy drugs.

6. Onco Diagnostics

Apart from chemotherapy, our Day Care Chemotherapy Centre also houses an onco-diagnostic lab that offers all major diagnostic modalities from blood tests to biopsies.

Why Visit HCG Day Care Chemotherapy Centre?

1. Minimal Disruption to the Routine

Each session may take between 1-8 hours depending upon the treatment plan devised, and the patients may leave once the session is over. This way, the routine activities of the patients are not hampered.

2. Reduced Travelling Burdens

Our Day Care Centre could reduce the travelling burdens for patients, who visit far-off hospitals for their chemotherapy sessions. With the care made available closer to their home, patients can comfortably attend their treatment sessions.

3. Hassle-Free and Less Time-Consuming

Since our Day Care Centre focuses only on chemotherapy or other medical oncology sub-specialities, such as hormone therapy and immunotherapy. The entire procedure, from registration to discharge, is made hassle-free, flexible and time-saving.

4. Reduced Financial Burdens

By delivering the treatment on an outpatient/day care basis and bringing care closer to home, our Day Care Centre makes cancer treatment more economical and less taxing for the patients.

5. Reduced Risk of Hospital-Acquired Infections

Chemotherapy patients, in most cases, are immune-compromised. Despite infection control protocols in place, hospitals are associated with certain infection risks, which could be due to the large influx of patients, availability of treatment for various health problems, etc. However, this is not the case at Day Care Centre, since it only caters to chemotherapy patients and follows strict hygienic practices.

6. Faster Recovery

Cancer patients can recover well in the comfort of their home. Having the near and dear ones around can positively impact the patient’s outlook towards the disease and treatment. This positive outlook supports better treatment response and faster recovery.

Services Offered

Following are the key services offered at HCG Day Care Chemotherapy Centres:

  • Outpatient Consultation – Oncology
  • Day Care Chemotherapy infusion
  • Pharmacy
  • Cytotoxic Drug Mixing Cabinet – Drug Mixing
  • Onco Diagnostics
    • Radiology
    • Laboratory Services
  • Minor Procedures/ Biopsies, etc.
  • General and Private Wards – Recliners and Beds
  • Home Care

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What can I expect at my first chemo treatment?

After your first chemo session, you may experience tiredness. You should get enough rest after the treatment as rest will have a positive effect on your treatment response and recovery.

It is important to know that chemotherapy affects healthy cells too; therefore, patients must prepare their body for chemotherapy by eating healthy foods, drinking lots of water and juice and getting enough rest.

2. What should I wear to my first chemo treatment?

Please make sure to wear comfortable dresses like pyjamas or sweat pants.

Chemo drugs are administered through chemoports, which are surgically inserted in the upper chest region or arms. So, we suggest you plan your outfits accordingly.

A few patients feel chilly, whereas a few patients tend to sweat. So, please bring an extra shirt/dress and a sweater.

3. What are the chemotherapy side effects that I must accept?

Patients must note that the side effects caused due to chemotherapy are temporary and wear off over time. Some of the common side-effects include fatigue, bruising, anaemia, loss of appetite, constipation, infections, diarrhoea, nausea and vomiting, mouth sores, hair loss etc.

In most cases, these go away without major complications. However, in rare cases, patients will need medication to manage them.

4. Do HCG Day Care Chemotherapy Centres accept insurance?

Yes, HCG Day Care Chemotherapy Centres do accept insurance.

5. Where is the HCG Day Care Chemotherapy Centre located?

HCG has three day care chemotherapy centres in Bangalore and they are located in Kalyan Nagar, Malleshwaram and Banashankari. In addition, HCG also has one day care chemotherapy centre in the cities of Chennai and Bhubaneshwar.

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