HCG Day Care Chemotherapy Centre - Malleshwaram

Best Chemotherapy Clinic in Bangalore

OVERVIEWToday, unlike before, chemotherapy can be administered in an outpatient setting, following which patients can carry on with their routine activities, depending on their overall health.

As a top outpatient chemotherapy clinic in Bangalore, HCG Day Care Centre offers chemotherapy administration facilities, outpatient consultations, onco-diagnostics, pharmacy, and home health services. This centre is carefully designed to provide a seamless patient experience without compromising clinical outcomes.

The primary goal behind establishing a day care chemotherapy centre in Bangalore is to help our patients receive seamless diagnostic and cancer treatment support. Our specialists at HCG Day Care Centre focus on making the highest quality cancer care available to the people of the Malleshwaram neighbourhood by bringing together critical and patient-friendly cancer care solutions under one roof.

At HCG Day Care Centre, Malleshwaram:

Chemotherapy is administered in a comfortable outpatient setting under the supervision of senior medical oncologists. An overnight stay is not required, and patients can continue with their normal activities after the infusion.

We have a skilled team of medical oncologists and onconurses dedicated to catering to the needs of cancer patients.

The entire procedure, from registration to discharge after the treatment, is quick and hassle-free.

Patient care is made more convenient by reducing unnecessary travelling and financial burdens for patients.

By following stringent hygiene and infection control protocols, we reduce the risk of hospital-acquired infections for our patients.

Key Services Offered by HCG Day Care Centre, Malleshwaram:

Outpatient consultation – for cancer-related enquiries

Chemotherapy infusion/ immunotherapy/targeted therapy/ hormone therapy


General and private wards – recliners and beds

Home health services

Onco-diagnostics (BASIC AND ADVANCED)

  • Radiology
  • Laboratory Services
  • Nuclear Medicine Scans (including PET CT – Analogue & Digital)
  • Minor Procedures/ Biopsies, etc.

Contact Details

HCG Day Care Centre

#311 2nd Floor Sampige Road, Between 15th & 16th Cross Malleshwaram, Bengaluru, Karnataka 560003.

Phone: 080 2336 9555/ 080 2331 2222