Elekta Microselectron Digital for Brachytherapy Treatment at HCG


Unlike external radiation therapy, where beams are directed at the tumor from outside the body, brachytherapy involves placing a radioactive source close to or directly into the tumor using a needle or catheter.

In the case of external beam radiation delivery (linear accelerator), the patient is moved away from the radiation source once the session is over. Also, it is not possible to avoid damage to the nearby tissue while targeting the tumor from an external source.

However, in the case of brachytherapy, the tumor is exposed to radiation for a relatively longer duration, and damage to nearby tissues is also significantly reduced, as the radiation source is closely placed near the tumor.

Designed for accurate and focused cancer treatment, the microSelectron Digital (HDR-V3) assures dependable after-loading and has the world's largest user base.

Its adaptable platform, offering 6, 18, or 30 channels, effectively accommodates diverse brachytherapy requirements, accommodating both patients and healthcare providers.

How does Elekta MicroSelectron Digital work?

The digital platform comprises the treatment unit, remote treatment monitoring and control devices, and quality assurance tools.

The treatment unit's forward-stepping source guarantees precise placement of the radioactive source at specified dwell positions, minimizing unnecessary radiation exposure at the treatment channel's tip and enhancing procedure safety.

The source halts at dwell points every 2.5, 5, or 10 mm, determined by clinical choice. Movement is governed by an absolute drive directly impacting the source cable, ensuring sturdy positioning with ± 1 mm accuracy at every dwell spot.

Advantages of Elekta MicroSelectron Digital

Some of the advantages of Elekta microSelectron Digital are:

Why Choose HCG for Elekta MicroSelectron Digital Treatment?

Brachytherapy is an advanced radiotherapy technique that causes relatively less damage to healthy tissues and facilitates more precise radiation delivery. HCG Cancer Centre has all the advanced facilities required for accurate diagnosis and optimal treatment.

Through brachytherapy with Elekta microSelectron Digital, we at HCG aim to improve the overall outcome of radiation therapy.

Undergoing radiation therapy at HCG benefits cancer patients in many ways. We house advanced treatment technologies that facilitate precise and highly targeted radiation therapy; our radiation oncologists and technologists have received extensive training to deliver patient-centric care to patients; and lastly, we give specialized focus to post-treatment care.

These approaches help us ensure that our patients receive 360-degree care throughout their cancer journey.

Frequently Asked Questions

Elekta microSelectron HDR brachytherapy is considered safe when used by experienced oncologists and technicians. The manufacturer's protocols and instructions must be followed. The system incorporates several safety features, including remote monitoring and redundant checks.

Elekta microSelectron Digital comes with relatively fewer side effects as compared to external beam radiation therapy. Patients may experience fatigue or temporary skin irritation. Rarely, severe complications may occur, which are generally limited to the treatment site.

It is important to follow all the instructions provided by radiation oncologists. This will help patients receive information about potential side effects and treatment goals. The radiologists may advise the patients to fast, empty their bladders, and discontinue certain medications before administering brachytherapy.