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HCG HomeHealth focuses on delivering world-class medical care to the doorstep of patients who are recovering from a medical procedure or are home-bound.

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HCG Home Health Care

HCG HomeHealth focuses on delivering world-class medical care to the doorstep of patients who are recovering from a medical procedure or are home-bound.

Professional care is necessary to ensure the speedy recovery of cancer patients and enhance their sense of wellbeing. HCG HomeHealth offers a carefully designed set of patient-oriented services that save time, offer comfort and also help curb unnecessary expenses.

These services also help patients prevent unnecessary hospital visits and thereby allow them receive care at the convenience of their home in the comforting presence of their family members.

The key services provided are home sample collection, medicine delivery, in-home nursing care and comprehensive in-home rehabilitation care.

Benefits of HCG Home Health Care Services

Customised professional care instils a higher sense of security, dignity and independence and ensures that the patients are put on the path of recovery in a comfortable setting.

Our HomeHealth team comprises highly qualified and experienced specialists, nurses and therapists who specialise in delivering the highest quality cancer care.

Advantages of HCG HomeHealth services:

  • Personalised care in familiar surroundings
  • Highly trained professionals for assistance
  • Timely administration of medication
  • More affordable than in-hospital care
  • Activities of daily living are left unhampered

Type of Services

1. Home Sample Collection

Home sample collection service by HCG HomeHealth is ideal for those who cannot step out of their house for a lab test for whatsoever reasons. Experienced phlebotomists will be at the doorstep with a comprehensive testing kit to draw the samples. We, at HCG, opt for digital pathology protocols for accurate and quicker diagnosis; this means that everything from the sample collection to the report delivery happens on the same day.

The entire process is quick and hassle-free. A specially designed, single-use collection kit is used to collect the samples.

The lab sample collection date can be set by the patients themselves on the request form, and the phlebotomists from HCG HomeHealth will visit the patients on the said date.

2. Medicine Delivery

With HCG HomeHealth’s medicine delivery service, you can place order for your medicines online. Through medicine delivery services, we aim to help patients prevent lapses and achieve easier medication adherence.

Once the request form for the medicine delivery is submitted, the medicines will be delivered to the patients in 1-2 business days. Online payment option is made available for better service.

3. In-Home Nursing Care

A few patients will need professional care after a medical procedure to have a better treatment response and optimum recovery. Through our in-home nursing care services, patients can access the expertise of our onconurses. Our nurses are trained and experienced in caring for home-bound patients and those who are recovering from a recent medical procedure. Opting for in-home nursing care would be an ideal option for those who are not comfortable with long hospital stays.

Our in-home nurses, who are extremely caring and attentive, can help patients with their day-to-day activities and provide continual care support to promote their recovery. In-home nursing service can be opted depending upon the patient’s need for medical assistance. Our nurses are available for short visits and shifts of 12 hours and 24 hours.

4. In-Home Rehabilitation

In-home rehabilitation helps in nurturing patients back to strength. Recovery after cancer surgery can be long and tiring. However, a comprehensive rehabilitation programme positively impacts the patient’s health and help him/her recover at a faster rate. It also ensures medical adherence, which is crucial for better treatment response and recovery.

In-home rehabilitation services can be helpful for patients who have experienced trauma or illness or have undergone a medical procedure that could have caused functional impairments (physical, psychological, social or vocational).

In-home rehabilitation supports patients by:

  • Providing comprehensive care to promote the physical and mental wellbeing of the patients
  • Facilitating optimum care and assistance and thereby helping reduce hospital visits
  • Helping patients regain mobility, balance and achieve the best state of health possible

Following are the in-home rehabilitation programs offered by HCG HomeHealth:

5. Post-Operative Care

Recovering from surgery could be a major ordeal; nevertheless, considering physical therapy/rehabilitation could positively impact the healing process and promote faster recovery. HCG HomeHealth caregivers, who are adequately trained and skilled, provide personalised care to each patient, depending on the condition of the patient.

6. Physiotherapy

Physiotherapy plays an imperative role in restoring physical functions among patients who have undergone a medical procedure.

Skilled physiotherapists from the HCG HomeHealth team devise personalised therapy sessions or exercising programmes that improve physical functioning gradually. These therapy sessions are also important in helping the patients re-learn the basic physical and cognitive functioning, which will eventually help them in achieving the therapeutic goals.

7. Nutrition/Dietetics

Nutrition plays a significant role in helping patients recover from an illness and get back to their normal lives.

Expert onco-dieticians from the HCG HomeHealth team carefully assess the condition of the patient before suggesting a clinical nutrition treatment plan that comprises healthier food habits and lifestyle choices. These plans help strengthen the immune system, alleviate the symptoms of the disease, support faster recovery and possibly promote longevity among the patients.

8. Pain/Palliative Care

Patients diagnosed with terminal conditions cannot frequently visit hospitals for the management of pain or other symptoms, and pain/palliative care services by HCG HomeHealth could be extremely helpful for them.

The primary goal of palliative care is to preserve the quality of life by alleviating the symptoms and stress of the illness among terminal patients.

9. Yoga Therapy

Yoga therapy is extremely helpful in enhancing both the physical and mental sense of wellbeing among those under rehabilitation care. Our certified yoga therapists carefully assess the patient’s fitness levels, before planning customised yoga sessions for him/her. The key benefits of practising yoga include increased blood circulation throughout the body, enhanced tranquillity and serenity of mind and improved ability to endure stress.

Our yoga therapists will make sure to demonstrate all the yoga exercises to the patients and ensure compliance to safety and health standards, and regularly monitor the improvements and recommend a different yoga plan, if necessary. These therapists will also ensure that the patients are comfortable while performing the exercises.

10. Speech & Swallow Therapy

Speech and swallow therapy play a critical role in helping head and neck cancer patients return to their normal lives. HCG HomeHealth team has highly qualified and experienced speech-language pathologists, who visit the patients at their home and help in addressing their problems related to articulation, language, stuttering, voice, cognition and swallowing.

Our specialists thoroughly analyse the specific needs of the patients and use one or a combination of suitable techniques to address the speech and swallowing issues faced by the patients. These specialists consistently work on removing barriers of communications for the patients and help in improving their overall quality of life.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Who would benefit from these home health services?
  • Patients recovering from illnesses, surgeries or hospitalisation
  • Patients discharged from hospital but need additional care at home
  • Patients who are terminally ill and wish to have a better end-of-life experience
2. Can I avail home care nurses for an entire day?

Depending on the patient’s need for medical assistance, the patient or his/her caregiver can avail of our home care services. Our nurses are available for short visits and shifts of 12 hours and 24 hours.

3. What do home health nurses do on their visits?

Our home nurses will:

  • Check your vitals, such as blood pressure, heart rate, temperature and breathing
  • Feed you and provide necessary bathroom assistance
  • Help you learn about your medicines when they should be taken, possible side effects and methods to manage them
  • Dress your wound 
  • Teach you and your caregiver to care for wounds or IV
  • Make sure you are recovering without any complications
4. What are the costs of these packages?

Our home health programmes are designed based on the individual needs of the patients. Therefore, the costs vary accordingly. If you are willing to avail of home health services for yourself or your loved ones, please get in touch with us.

5. Cities with HCG HomeHealth Services

Below are the contact details of HCG HomeHealth service centres in Bangalore.

Phone: 9632566011

Email: [email protected]

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