Irillic Fluorescence Imaging System for Cancer Treatment at HCG


The Irillic fluorescence imaging system will become a critical differentiator for caregivers. It will allow surgeons to visualize tissue perfusion and lymphatic flow in real time, greatly improving navigation.

The streamlined handheld design of the Irillic fluorescence imaging system enables surgeons to effortlessly navigate and make swift clinical decisions.

By facilitating the delineation of tumors and margins, identification of metastases, and analysis of vital anatomical structures, fluorescence imaging helps specialists carefully plan cancer treatments, such as cancer surgery, reconstructive surgery, and radiotherapy for numerous cancer types.

How Does the Irillic Fluorescence Imaging System Work?

In addition to mitigating radiation hazards and addressing other concerns, the ICG-based imaging facilitated by the Irillic fluorescence imaging system notably enhances workflow efficiency and slashes costs by more than 60%.

The Irillic fluorescence imaging system can be installed in under three minutes. It facilitates immediate navigation to points of interest with real-time fluorescence visualization and helps obtain contrast flow videos and high-quality images.

The Irillic fluorescence imaging system allows instant storage and playback of videos and images and the capability to maintain patient records, generate reports, and share studies with fellow physicians.

Irillic fluorescence imaging system works through the following components:

Advantages of Irillic Fluorescence Imaging System

The following are some of the important advantages of scanning with Irillic fluorescence imaging system:

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes. Scanning through Irillic fluorescence imaging system is safe. It is not radioactive and has a reduced allergy risk, which makes this procedure both safe and comfortable for patients.

Scanning with Irillic fluorescence imaging system rarely causes side effects. That said, the possible side effects of this fluorescence imaging system include fatigue, dizziness, dryness in the mouth, itching,

You must follow the instructions provided by doctors and radiologists before the procedure. This is crucial for doctors to arrive at accurate imaging results.