Best Reconstructive Surgery Service in India

OVERVIEWReconstructive surgery is an essential part of cancer treatment, and it helps cancer patients regain their physical appearance and confidence. While surgery, chemotherapy, and radiation therapy are the primary treatments for cancer, reconstructive surgery may be necessary for some patients to address wounds, scars, and deformities caused by invasive surgery or tumour growth. This combination of cancer surgery and plastic surgery is known as oncoplastic surgery, which can significantly improve the quality of life among patients.

Reconstructive Surgery

Breast reconstruction is a common procedure for women who have undergone surgery or have survived breast cancer. The surgery involves reshaping the breast to achieve symmetry and help the cancer survivor regain confidence. Depending on the case, the following procedures are recommended for breast reconstruction:

There are several types of reconstructive surgery that surgeons recommend after head and neck cancer surgery. These procedures are critical in helping patients return to their daily lives and activities with confidence and comfort. Some common types of reconstructive surgery for head and neck cancer include:

After colon cancer treatment, reconstructive surgery may be necessary to restore function and appearance. Reconstructive surgery can help patients regain their quality of life after colon cancer treatment. It's important to discuss options and expectations with your doctor. The following are the different types of reconstructive surgery recommended after colon cancer surgery:

Reconstructive surgery after bladder cancer surgery becomes necessary to restore the function and appearance of the bladder and surrounding areas. Here are some of the different types of reconstructive surgery that may be performed after bladder cancer surgery:

Benefits of Reconstructive Surgery

By opting for reconstructive surgery, the patient would witness great improvement both physically and mentally. Reconstructive surgery benefits patients by:

  • Improving physical appearance and function.
  • Enhancing the quality of life significantly.
  • Boosting self-confidence and a sense of well-being
  • Helping to cope with the emotional trauma caused by cancer treatment.
  • Providing a sense of control over one's body and life.

Frequently Asked Questions

Reconstructive surgery is usually done by the surgical oncologist, who removes the tumour. Nevertheless, a plastic or cosmetic surgeon may also pitch in with their expertise and work with the rest of the team to ensure the desired outcome.

Most patients can get back to normal within 6 to 8 weeks. It, however, depends on the type of surgery performed, the implants used, and wound healing from within and outside.

Scarring to a certain extent is imminent, but an expert plastic surgeon always ensures that those scars look less prominent. However, scars heal over time, even as your health gets better from within.

Like all other invasive procedures, reconstructive surgeries also carry a certain risk. An expert reconstructive surgeon will ensure to keep you safe and healthy even after the procedure.