Ethos Adaptive Radiation Therapy Technology and Treatment Center


It is well known that radiation therapy works by damaging the DNA structure of cancer cells. When the DNA structure is damaged, the cancer cells won’t be able to grow or divide, and eventually, they die. With each session, radiation therapy shrinks the tumor and destroys cancer cells.

Now, there are a few changes that happen throughout the course of treatment. The patient will experience temporal changes in the anatomy, such as tumor shrinkage, weight loss, and internal motion. It is important to pay attention to these changes and alter the treatment accordingly, as these may contribute to less precise radiation delivery and more damage to nearby tissue otherwise.

To address these changes properly and ensure that the radiation therapy is delivered precisely, our specialists opt for something called "adaptive treatment." During adaptive treatment, our radiation oncologists study the anatomical changes before every session and alter the radiation treatment accordingly.

While this is necessary to reduce damage to the surrounding tissues, this procedure is time-consuming, and the patients are made to wait on the treatment couch until all changes are thoroughly captured, and appropriate alterations are made to the already prepared treatment plan. This has two disadvantages: firstly, long waiting periods can cause inconvenience to patients, and secondly, it can increase the waiting periods for other patients whose sessions are scheduled.

India’s First Radiotherapy Platform With Adaptive Intelligence

At HCG, we have always strived to make care not just safe and effective, but also comfortable. To augment the benefits of adaptive treatment and help the patient receive the best care while being comfortable, HCG has introduced India’s first Ethos Adaptive Radiation Therapy Platform by Varian.

Ethos’ Adaptive Intelligence solution amalgamates artificial intelligence with traditional adaptive treatment to create contours and devise and deliver adaptive treatment within just 15 minutes. This way, the patient does not have to wait for long periods, and they can comfortably complete their radiation therapy without any serious side effects.

The adaptive treatment platform of Ethos is extremely intuitive and insightful. The information is always presented in an easy-to-understand manner; this helps the radiation oncologists make well-informed clinical decisions, and patients receive the best quality radiation treatment.

With Ethos Adaptive Radiation Therapy, we can treat breast cancer, cervical cancer, prostate cancer, and head and neck cancer.

Features of Ethos Adaptive Radiation Therapy

Multiple advanced features make Ethos Adaptive Radiation Therapy superior to its other linear accelerator counterparts. The following are the key features of the Ethos Adaptive Radiation Therapy platform:

Superior Visibility

This platform facilitates multi-modal diagnostic imaging, wherein scans like magnetic resonance imaging (MRI), computed tomography (CT), positron emission tomography (PET), and cone beam computed tomography (CBCT) are performed for more accurate data on tumor parameters. By facilitating an up-to-date view of the patient’s anatomy, Ethos helps clinicians make clinical decisions with confidence.

Efficient Workflow

The Ethos Adaptive Radiation Therapy platform offers a streamlined workflow for initial treatment planning, treatment management, on-couch adaptation, and treatment monitoring.

  • Ethos captures iCBCT images of the anatomical features of the patient during each session; the advanced algorithms of the iCBCT platform support noise reduction and produce higher-quality images, which are important for better treatment planning.
  • Ethos produces high-quality images using imaging modalities like MRI, PET, CT, and CBCT, which support more accurate treatment planning.
  • The simplified AI-driven data provided by the Ethos system on 3D radiation dose prediction for targets and organs at risk supports well-informed decision-making.
  • It also evaluates the original treatment plans to provide the technologists with valuable treatment planning insights.
Simplified AI-driven Decision Making

At the time of initial planning, the Ethos platform generates multiple personalized treatment plans depicting the possible radiation dose distributions. The radiation technologist may either go with the original plan or the plan generated by Ethos (adapted) based on the treatment goals set for the patient. Ethos supports personalized treatment through:

  • The delivery of insightful data in a structured manner
  • he Adaptive Intelligence feature of the Ethos intuitively guides the technologists throughout the adaptive therapy process.
  • In-sync treatment planning and treatment management programs
  • A highly optimized workflow that delivers radiation safely and quickly
  • Treatment delivery on a unique platform that supports flexible and comfortable patient positioning and overall enhanced patient satisfaction

Robust Quality Assurance

The Ethos system facilitates robust quality assurance protocols, which help enhance treatment efficacy and patient safety and increase treatment confidence.

  • The Ethos system allows technologists to perform independent adaptive plan QA without hampering the treatment workflow.
  • This system uses the same QA algorithms for initial planning and adaptive planning to ensure consistency in the workflow.

Working of Ethos Adaptive Radiation Therapy

Ethos Adaptive Radiation Therapy primarily aims at targeting the tumor more precisely, reducing the dose to surrounding healthy tissues, and, lastly, improving the quality of overall treatment results.

Ethos Adaptive Radiation Therapy combines artificial intelligence with adaptive therapy to capture and scan fine-grained images, determine the kind, size, and location of tumors, and accordingly plan the treatment. The patient's age, state of health, and normal movement of organs and tissue in the treatment area are all considered by the platform before the treatment.

At the beginning of the treatment planning process, the Ethos Adaptive Radiation Therapy platform generates multiple personalized plans quickly that illustrate plausible radiation dose delivery. The clinician chooses the plan—original or adaptive—each day that best helps them achieve the treatment goals. The following are the ways that Ethos directs the radiation therapy process:

  • The entire adaptive therapeutic process is governed by the intuitive Adaptive Intelligence feature.
  • Treatment planning and administration are closely monitored to ensure better treatment efficacy.
  • The workflow is designed to proceed smoothly and safely from one phase to the next upon the radiation oncologist's or technologist's approval.

During each session, the Ethos platform adjusts the radiation delivery to the patient's unique anatomy. Every time, the radiation is precisely directed to the tumor location with the help of real-time optimizations.

In the case of other radiotherapy platforms, adaptive treatment planning is done manually, and this optimization takes more than 40 minutes. However, in the case of the Ethos Radiation Therapy platform, doctors can efficiently plan and administer the adaptive treatment in a 15-minute time slot with the help of its Adaptive Intelligence feature.

What Makes Ethos Adaptive Radiation Therapy Different?

Ethos Adaptive Radiation Therapy is far superior and more patient-friendly as compared to its other LINAC counterparts.

During each session of the treatment, the radiation dose is adjusted to the patient's specific anatomy. These real-time optimizations help in precisely targeting the tumor and completing each session in less time. This way, Ethos puts the patient at the center of their care journey.

As there are no manual calculations involved, we can avoid errors and unnecessary delays in the treatment.

Ethos is relatively silent in comparison to other radiation platforms, and this contributes to enhanced patient comfort during the treatment.

Advantages of Tomosynthesis or 3D Mammography

More Precise Radiation Delivery

The Adaptive Intelligence solution employed by Ethos supports more precise imaging and treatment planning and thereby enhances the accuracy of radiation delivery. This also helps minimize damage to the surrounding healthy tissues.

Personalized Treatment Plans

The Ethos Adaptive Radiation Therapy platform effectively maps out the anatomy, diligently catches the anatomical changes, and accordingly optimizes the treatment regimen through its superior AI-driven treatment planning and contouring capabilities. This helps us deliver personalized treatment to all patients who are undergoing radiation treatment with the Ethos platform.

Quicker Sessions

The Ethos Adaptive Radiation Therapy platform helps us deliver radiation therapy at a faster rate. Through this technology, the entire session, from start to finish, may take up to 15 minutes.

Overall Better Treatment Results

Through enhanced precision and personalization, the Ethos Adaptive Radiation Therapy platform delivers better treatment results to patients and supports effective management of their condition.

Comfortable Treatment Sessions

The Ethos Adaptive Radiation Therapy platform is built with a large bore, silent motors, an integrated camera system, and an intercom system to deliver a positive experience in a comfortable and safe setting. It also makes the treatment more comfortable by reducing the overall treatment session time.

Safer Radiation Delivery

With its patient-centric design, the Ethos Adaptive Radiation Therapy platform supports enhanced patient safety throughout the session.

Fewer Treatment-Related Complications

By targeting the tumor more precisely and reducing damage to healthy tissues nearby, the Ethos Adaptive Radiation Therapy platform helps reduce the risk of severe treatment-related complications for patients.

Frequently Asked Questions

Adaptive treatment helps alter the treatment plan according to the anatomical changes observed in the patient. This aids in precisely targeting the tumor while minimizing damage to healthy tissues nearby. This also positively impacts treatment efficacy and post-treatment recovery.

With Ethos Adaptive Radiation Therapy, we can treat breast cancer, cervical cancer, prostate cancer, and head and neck cancer.

Each radiation session, from planning to delivery, will be completed in a time slot of 15 minutes.

Yes. Ethos Adaptive Radiation Therapy facilitates safe radiation treatment. The features of superior precision, flexibility, and comfort that come with the Ethos system ensure enhanced patient safety throughout the treatment.

No. During Ethos Adaptive Radiation Therapy, the patient will not experience any discomfort. The sessions are quicker and safer, and they are administered in a comfortable treatment setting.

However, if a patient feels uncomfortable during a treatment session, they can always communicate with the technician, who will make sure the patient is at ease and prepared for the procedure before the session starts.