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Instilling hope in millions for more than three decades now, Established in 1989 and has become a synonym for the most trusted healthcare brand in India.

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HealthCare Global Enterprises

With its headquarters in Bangalore, HCG is a combined pool of 450 plus specialists across various domains.

HealthCare Global Enterprises Ltd. or HCG is a healthcare organisation founded by Dr BS Ajaikumar. With its headquarters in Bangalore, HCG is a combined pool of 450 plus specialists across various domains. HCG mainly focuses on cancer care, tertiary care, infertility treatment and advanced screening and diagnostics.

Under HCG, there are four different entities, namely HCG – the Specialist in Cancer Care, HCG Hospitals, Milann – the Fertility Centre and Triesta Sciences – the Centre for Oncology Diagnostics. These entities are carefully arrayed throughout India to facilitate the highest quality clinical care for patients from all walks of life.

In India, HCG’s operations are spread across close to 20 cities through its expansion into Tier II and III cities, towns and villages. Apart from its centres in India, HCG has set up a comprehensive cancer centre in Nairobi, Kenya.

Why HCG?

HCG, India’s largest provider of cancer care, is at the forefront of the battle against cancer

Through its network of 24 comprehensive cancer centers, spread across India, HCG has brought advanced cancer care to the doorstep of millions of people.

HCG – HealthCare Global Enterprises Ltd., is a healthcare organization headquartered in Bangalore with a combined pool of 450 plus specialists across various domains.


Patients choose HCG every year


Highly experienced oncologists


Comprehensive cancer care network

HCG aims to define the future of healthcare in India by designing, building and managing healthcare centres with a steadfast vision of bringing core clinical services under one roof.

HCG believes in and practices value-based medicine with its core focus on providing accurate diagnostic support and delivering the highest quality patient care.

HCG employs the multidisciplinary approach for the disease diagnosis and treatment wherein specialists from multiple disciplines come together to accurately evaluate the patient information, standardise the treatment approach and create efficiencies that will eventually lead to effective disease management.

Quality of life is an important aspect of cancer care. At HCG, every personalised treatment plan that is devised gives equal importance to the preservation of quality of life throughout and after the treatment.

Along with unique treatment protocols, HCG employs cutting-edge technology and has skilled and experienced specialists at its disposal, all of which helps in providing adequate diagnostic and clinical care support to our patients.

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Geared For Growth

We are committed to creating an environment that fosters the professional and personal achievements of every person who crosses the threshold of our centre. It is our patients who would be ultimately benefiting from these achievements as each achievement or accomplishment takes us one step closer to our ultimate goal of helping our patients have a longer, better and healthier life.

HCG has grown rapidly and is now a leading cancer care provider with 24 centres across the country. Each centre is provided with a business system, management expertise and capital resources to bring patient focussed, state-of-the-art cancer care to new regions.

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