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Dr. B S Ajaikumar featured in Outlook magazine

We are happy to inform you that our Executive Chairman, Dr. BS Ajaikumar has been featured in the leading and most credible current affairs and news magazine Outlook in the Anniversary January 2023 Edition. In the article on 'Harnessing Technology Enhancing Healthcare', Dr. Ajai highlights how technology and innovation play a pivotal role in enhancing healthcare systems, increasing access to healthcare services, and reducing the costs of therapies and consultations. It is the intelligent deployment of technology that serves the larger cause of healthcare. At HCG, patient care is approached holistically based on risk and severity of disease - from pre-admission to post-discharge - and is aimed at enhancing outcomes, lowering costs, and bettering resource management. Whether Linac technology, Teleradiology, Bioinformatics, Genomics, Robotic surgery, Digital pathology, or Adaptive AI, HCG's technology adoption is unflinchingly focused on patient outcomes.

The article further captures HCG being one of the first movers in leveraging the power of technology to bridge biological advances with technological advances to tailor early interventions in certain forms of cancers - both preventive and therapeutic. HCG's efforts in this direction have led to the development of key biomarkers enabling precision and personalized medicine. Towards enhancing cancer outcomes, HCG has formed a committed team of surgeons, oncologists, scientists, and specialized nurses to employ the most advanced techniques in cancer surgery including Robotic surgery, Laser Therapies, Ethos? Adaptive Radio Therapy, Extended reality, and HoloLens with Microsoft for surgical augmentation and training, Molecular targeted imaging with Digital PET CT, Near InfraRed intraoperative imaging, Digital pathology, Radio genomics, and Cellular Immuno-oncology therapy.

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