HCG in News

Dr. BS Ajaikumar exclusive interview on 'Cancer Care Scenario' was aired on Asianet Suvarna News Channel

An exclusive interview on 'Cancer Care Scenario' with our executive chairman Dr. BS Ajaikumar on was aired on Asianet Suvarna News Channel.

Dr. Ajai shared insights on the need for stringent tobacco control practices for preventing cancer, lung & breast cancer awareness, importance of early screening and diagnosis, advances of cancer treatment in India, and lastly about accessibility of cancer treatment. He also emphasized about 'Right treatment at the right time'.

He further added saying, HCG will continue to motivate individuals to take on the moral obligation of cancer control through proactive preventative measures like alternative farming. He mentioned about how hub-and-spoke model developed by HCG boosted accessibility of cancer treatment. The conversation also focused on HCG's role in the science of genomics, specifically how it can be used to test and identify potential hereditary diseases, including the possibility of developing cancer.