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National Safe Motherhood Day: Prioritise consistent sleep routine to build stronger immune system for both mother, newborn

National Safe Motherhood Day serves as a reminder to prioritise maternal health and reduce maternal mortality and morbidity.

As a new mother, sleep may feel like a distant dream. Despite receiving only a few hours of sleep, it is crucial to obtain quality sleep for better health and well-being of both new mother and the newborn. Lack of quality sleep exhausts new mothers leading to increased risk of postpartum depression including anxiety, fatigue and mood swings.

It can also affect the production of breast milk and impair the ability to care for the newborn. Getting enough sleep helps new mothers to better cope with the physical and emotional demands of motherhood.

National Safe Motherhood Day serves as a reminder to prioritise maternal health and reduce maternal mortality and morbidity. It is an opportunity for all healthcare providers to bring safety and good health services to mothers and her child.

Dr Murali Keshava Sarpangala, MBBS, DNB (Paediatrics), Consultant Paediatrician in association with Magniflex India shared with News9 that for newborns, sleep is vital for their growth and development. During sleep, they process new information, build neural connections, and release growth hormones.

Sufficient sleep also supports their immune system and helps regulate their body temperature. It is essential for their brain development and overall well-being.

To prioritise sleep for new mothers and newborns, establish a consistent sleep routine, create a calming sleep environment and invest in a high-quality mattress that contours to your body and has anti-bacterial, anti-dust mite, and anti-allergy properties which are especially crucial for newborns.

This will provide optimal support and comfort for the new mother, helping her get the quality sleep she needs.

The expert added to remember, a well-rested mother and newborn are better equipped to face the challenges of early parenthood and enjoy a healthy start together.

Raj Gore, CEO, Healthcare Global Enterprise Ltd said, ?Ensuring mother's safety is a critical issue that requires the collective effort of individuals, communities, and governments.?

Women face unique health challenges, including reproductive and maternal health issues, as well as a higher risk of certain diseases such as breast cancer and osteoporosis. Cervix, breast, mouth/pharynx, and esophagus are some of the most prevalent types of cancer, among which, breast cancer accounts for the highest percentage.

Gore said that to prevent and detect cancer in women at early stage, regular screenings and check-ups are crucial. Similarly, in an effort to combat the incidence of cervical cancer in India, mothers should encourage to get their daughters vaccinated during mass HPV vaccine drive conducted, which can significantly help reduce the burden of this disease in our country.

Addressing women's health cannot be overstated and is essential for promoting gender equality, reducing healthcare disparities, and improving overall health outcomes. This requires a comprehensive approach that involves increasing awareness, advocating for gender equality in healthcare, promoting preventative care, and providing access to quality healthcare services.