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Overview of 2022 & Expectations in 2023 | In conversation with Dr. B.S. Ajaikumar

BW Healthcare World brings to you an exclusive dialogue with Dr. B.S. Ajaikumar, Executive Chairman - HCG. On his overview on the trends of 2022 & Expectations in 2023. In conversation with Harbinder Narula, CEO - BW Healthcare World & Wellbeing World.

We are glad to share that, our Executive Chairman, Dr. B S Ajaikumar was featured in a year end exclusive conversation with Harbinder Narula, CEO, BW Healthcare World & BW Wellbeing World where he shared overview of 2022 trends & Expectations in 2023.

The interview captured Dr. Ajai defining the year 2022 for oncology industry in India and the trends that were followed through his thoughts about the post covid situation in India, advancements in cancer cases, growth of tertiary care centers, primary healthcare in India etc. He also highlighted on the expected trends in 2023, the potential of the healthcare sector in India from an oncological perspective and certain expectations from the budget 2023 when it comes to the healthcare sector. He spoke about HCG's best treatment outcomes, meeting international global standards, Growth strategy, acquisitions etc. The expectations specifically in the oncology segment are about government offering incentives, banning tobacco, incentivizing private players in tier-II and tier - III markets in India, leveraging on preventive healthcare etc.