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Role of AI & ML in medical imaging

Role of AI & ML in medical imaging

We are elated to share that our CEO, Mr. Raj Gore was featured in the Healthcare Radius magazine for a story on 'Role of AL & ML in medical imaging'.

The article speaks on how Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning are transforming the world of medical imaging in India. The implications of AI and ML, from an accurate interpretation of diagnostic images to early disease detection. The article highlights the trends in AI and ML, adoption in India, advantages, challenges and risks, the role of government, and the future of AI and ML. Various industry experts have been quoted in the story along with Mr. Raj Gore.

Sharing his thoughts on the story line, Mr. Raj Gore said, ?In cancer care AI & ML are increasingly being used in India, and these technologies have the potential to improve cancer diagnosis, treatment, and outcomes, as well as reduce healthcare costs. The potential of AI- driven algorithms to scrutinize medical images at a faster and precise rate than humans, enabling swifter and more accurate diagnosis?.