Value-based cancer care in the era of precision medicine

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   March 13, 2023

Value-based cancer care in the era of precision medicine

Dear All,

We are happy to inform that a thought leadership article on ‘Value-based cancer care in the era of precision medicine’ contributed by our Executive Chairman Dr. BS Ajaikumar has been featured in the ET Healthworld publication.

The article focuses on cancer becoming a fast chronic disease, and a sea change has occurred in the manner in which we stage cancer, how we adopt a multi-disciplinary approach to cancer care, and how we apply genomics and molecular diagnostics in this era of precision medicine to provide the right treatment the first time. Understanding the genomic correlates of response and resistance helps us stratify patients and avoid the perils of under/over treatment.

Dr. Ajai further highlights the advancement in cancer care that comes with a price tag. The expense is on three main counts – One, towards recruiting the talent pool of competent resources including surgical oncologists, medical oncologists, radiation oncologists, organ-specific specialists, genomic experts, radiologists, pathologists, qualified nurses, and other support staff. Many of these resources can easily find better job prospects in the West and so the challenge is how to recruit and retain them, which has a significant cost attached to it.

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