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Winning The War On Cancer - Dr. BS Ajaikumar

We are glad to share that our Executive Chairman, Dr. BS Ajaikumar was featured in the cover page of the leading health trade magazine Healthcare Radius December Edition focused on 'Winning The War On Cancer'.

In the cover story on Winning The War On Cancer, Dr. Ajai shares his opinion highlighting that the problem of cancer is not just about the rising numbers but goes well beyond that. It reveals the inability of India's healthcare infrastructure to deal with this challenge at the moment. He describes that the cancer challenge in India that can be addressed as the absence of four 'A's: Access to new drugs, availability of adequate cancer screening centers, availability if well-equipped facilities and affordability?.

He further emphasizes about the additional measures that the government of India carries out as schemes to address the cancer challenge and discourage the consumption of tobacco products. These range from population level projects for prevention control and screening for common types of cancer to strengthen cancer care infrastructure in the country.

Winning War On Cancer