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Traveling for a second opinion on a cancer diagnosis or cancer treatment can be overwhelming for both the patients and their caregivers. Many things can come between the patient and his or her treatment in an unknown country. However, it is not as difficult as it sounds.

HCG - the Specialist in Cancer Care can make every step of your cancer care, from your first query with us to your follow-up care, as seamless as possible.

Cancer Care at HCG in India

HCG is leaving no stone unturned to transform the country’s healthcare environment through quality clinical care, clinical excellence, and ground-breaking innovations. Besides this, it is also extending its footprint to international markets. We have already established cancer centers in Eastern Africa and are hoping to expand to other countries soon.

Treatment Plans with Positive Clinical Outcomes

Breast Cancer Treatment: With Success Rates that Are on Par with the U.S. Benchmarks

Early detection and timely treatment are important for the successful management of breast cancer. Through our multidisciplinary care approach and treatment protocols, such as minimally invasive surgeries,...

Journey at HCG for International Patients

As a comprehensive cancer care setup, HCG – the Specialist in Cancer Care provides the highest quality clinical care for international patients. Right from your first consultation to your follow-up after your treatment, our international patient care team will be there to help you at every step.

Reaching Out to HCG

Once you register, one of our medical officers from our international patient care team will get in touch with you to understand your requirements. Based on your query, they will arrange for a consultation with one of our experts.

Consulting HCG Specialists

During your online or virtual consultation, your current health status, underlying medical conditions, and other details regarding your health will be discussed. If your condition requires comprehensive and specialized care, the doctor will ask you to travel to India.

Traveling to India for Your Cancer Treatment at HCG

Our medical officer will constantly remain in touch with you. They will be tracking your health status and providing you with the necessary support for your travel, stay, and treatment.

Your Journey Requirements

International patients are expected to carry the following documents throughout their journey:

We also provide airport pick-up along with all the other services, such as accommodation during your treatment at HCG.


Our international patient care team will take care of everything from admission to discharge. By making your treatment experience seamless, we will help you focus on the most important thing: your recovery.

Post-Treatment Follow-Up

Post-treatment follow-ups are as important as the treatment itself. However, you need not travel for follow-ups. These can happen over video consultations, too. This way, we will be with you throughout your cancer treatment journey.

Our Extended Services for International Patients

International Enquiry

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