Frequently Asked Questions

Your discharge process will take approximately 3 hours if you are paying cash or, it will take over 5 hours if you are availing cashless since your bill will need to be approved by a third party. You can check your interim bill and ask for any clarification at the IPD billing desk even a day before, to avoid any last-minute delay.

In the case of Mediclaim, your bill will be sent to TPA/ insurance company for final approval. As per the final approval, you will be requested to make the bill settlement.

The billing department will update the bill and explain the particulars of the final bill. You will be requested to make the final bill settlement. Once the treating consultant advises for discharge, the concerned nurse will inform the billing desk.

Your payment type can be

  • Cash
  • Mediclaim
  • Pvt. Corporate/ Govt. Corporate
  • Govt. scheme coverage

For Credit / TPA patient: Your payment will be according to the policy terms like room capping, co-payment, non-medical items & attendant expenses will be settled during the final bill settlement.

Original copy of reports shall be sent to the third party, however, a copy of reports shall be provided to you. Original films (radiology services) shall be sent only to the third party.

Prior to your appointment at HCG, we recommend verifying the following information with your insurance provider:

  • Is my insurance plan accepted at HCG?
  • Which services are included and excluded from coverage under my plan?
  • Does my specific service require prior authorization?
  • Do my copay amounts vary depending on the type of service?
  • What are the details of my deductible, coinsurance, and out-of-pocket expenses?