Good nutrition for cancer patients is as important as the treatment itself. However, in a few cases, we see patients facing nutrition-related problems during and for a short period after the treatment. How are these problems addressed? In the latest episode of “Know It To Beat It” by HCG – the Specialist in Cancer Care, Dr Esther Sathiaraj, the Head of Nutrition at HCG Cancer Centre, Bangalore, talks about the nutritional aspects that are associated with chemotherapy. She stresses how important it is for the patients to go for individualised diet plans, as each patient’s needs are different. She also shares important tips on how to address appetite loss and nausea, which are commonly seen among cancer patients. Dr Esther discusses how nutritional interventions from dieticians can help patients cope with these side effects effectively. Early detection and timely intervention still remain the best way to beat cancer. Our multidisciplinary team ensures that each case is diligently looked at to ensure that each patient receives the right treatment, the first time.

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Podcast hosted by: Dr. Esther Sathiaraj, Head of Nutrition at HCG Cancer Centre, Bangalore