Bone cancer - Risk factors and Prevention Measures

Unfortunately, there is no confirmed answer to the question 'how to prevent bone cancer.' However, early detection and an understanding of the bone cancer risk factors can surely increase the chances of a successful treatment.

A risk factor is any condition or habit that can increase the chances of developing a particular disease. Some of these risk factors are modifiable, while others are not. However, having these risk factors does not mean that the patient will have bone cancer. Possessing these factors just increases the chances of developing a bone carcinoma.

What are the Common Bone cancer Risk Factors?

Here are some bone cancer risk factors that contribute to the growth or development of cancerous cells in patients.

Bone disorders or conditions

Certain bone disorders and conditions that cause changes or abnormalities in the bone tissue can increase the risk of developing cancer. Here are some of these bone disorders that can increase the risk of bone cancer.

Exposure to radiation

Exposure to radiation is also counted among the common bone cancer risk factors, as it can hamper the bone cells' DNA. People who suffer from overexposure to radiation, such as people undergoing cancer treatment, are at a high risk of developing bone cancer.

Genetic conditions

Certain genetic conditions can result in unwanted changes in the genes responsible for normal cell division and growth. These changes, in turn, can lead to bone cancer.

Some Unknown Risk Factors of Bone Cancer

Here are some lesser-known or even unknown bone cancer risk factors:

How To Prevent Bone Cancer

Though there is no definite way to prevent bone cancer, there are some things that can help in the process.


Understanding bone cancer prevention and risk factors is highly helpful for doctors in selecting a relevant line of treatment as per an individual patient's needs and requirements. Also, individuals can take proactive steps to reduce their chances of developing cancer.

Frequently Asked Questions

No, there are no definitive ways to stop bone cancer from spreading. However, there are some bone cancer treatments that can slow down the spread of cancer.

Bone cancer patients may adopt certain lifestyle choices that can help them improve their health and relieve their symptoms. These include eating healthy, exercising regularly, avoiding alcohol and smoking, and getting regular health checks.

Though there are no specific ways to prevent bone cancer, eating a healthy diet can definitely reduce the risk. A healthy diet consists of fruits and vegetables, whole grains, lean proteins, and healthy fats.

An increasing age is considered a common bone cancer risk factor. There are some cancer types, such as osteosarcoma, that are commonly found among kids and young adults between the age groups of 10 and 30, while another bone cancer type, chondrosarcoma, is prevalent among adults in the age groups of 50 and older.

Though there is no single diet for lowering bone cancer risk, there is a recommended one that includes fruits and vegetables, healthy fats, whole grains, and lean protein.

Yes, early detection and timely treatment of bone diseases may help reduce the risk of bone cancer.

Certain bone cancer foods to avoid are processed food items, red meat, and sugary drinks.

The potential osteosarcoma's causes and risk factors include radiation exposure, genetic mutations, benign bone tumors, increasing age, and some bone diseases.