Because Laughter is the Best Medicine

25 Jan, 2022

A World Cancer Day Event

World Cancer Day arrives on February 4 each year, and with it an opportunity to spread awareness on the disease. This years theme, "Not Beyond Us" focuses on dispelling the myth that cancer is a disease that cant be avoided. The theme aims to create a movement against cancer by educating people on the disease and the steps they can take to evade it. Medical professionals will also explore current treatment options and ways in which they can be better implemented.

HCG decided to give this years theme a healthy twist by organising a stand-up comedy show at the HCG Towers, Bangalore. Comedians Sandeep Rao, Sanjay Manaktala and Praveen Kumar used humour to talk about cancer and lighten the mood of the audience consisting of patients and doctors. HCG understands the challenges involved in fighting cancer and the old adage "laughter is the best medicine" proved be to a success.

The event left the patients and doctors in a cheerful mood. The jovial environment helped patients forget about their condition, if only for those few hours. HCG consistently tries to improve the quality of life of its patients and humour is the perfect way to make a positive impact on World Cancer Day.

Cancer is a dreaded disease, leaving most to believe that it is not in their hands to avoid it. The World Cancer Day initiative acts as a reminder that adopting a healthy lifestyle and being educated about the disease will help curb the chances of one having to battle the disease.

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