My Routine Check-Up Saved My Life. A Simple Blood Test Was All That Was Needed.

25 Jan, 2022

As you age, your body starts demanding extra attention and care. Your heart, kidneys, liver, lungs and prostate – yes, your prostate needs care too.

I have always been a healthy individual. I never skipped my routine check-ups and kept myself in good shape with regular walking and other healthy lifestyle practices. With all these in place, I was still somehow diagnosed with prostate cancer. There were no signs or symptoms. It was my blood test that showed me something was not right with my prostate. This blood test helped me act quick, gave me time to explore various treatment options, and most importantly, saved my life.

The Day A Blood Test Changed My Life

It all started on a bright sunny day in April 2018, when I decided to get my annual PSA test done. While returning from my walk, I collected my test reports. I was taken aback when I was informed that my PSA levels had gone up with a reading of 11.35. The hospital team informed me that the normal reading is anything below 4. My physician immediately referred me to a urologist at a Bandra hospital, where I was asked to undergo a biopsy, which eventually confirmed my prostate cancer diagnosis.

An Unexpected Complication and Change in the Treatment Course

Once my cancer diagnosis was confirmed, I was directed to another reputed hospital in Mumbai for a surgery to remove my prostate gland. After all the necessary tests were carried out, the surgeon there scheduled my surgery. In between all these, an umbilical hernia was detected, which was also set to be operated.

During my operation, it was found that the anterior wall of the bladder was plastered to my pelvic bone. Therefore, the specialists could not proceed with the dissection, and the surgery had to be abandoned. However, this procedure addressed my hernia. The next day, the surgeon sat next to me, explained everything that happened on the operation table and convinced me that radiation therapy would be the best treatment option for my cancer.

Search for the Radiation Oncologist

After my discharge in August 2018, I started searching for the best radiation oncologist close to my home at Malad. During my search, I came across HCG Cancer Centre, Borivali and learnt about its specialists and services. During one of my follow-up appointments with the surgeon who recommended radiation therapy for me, I discussed my findings, and he immediately agreed with my decision to undergo radiotherapy at HCG.

Very soon, I booked an appointment online with one of the specialists at HCG. On the day of my appointment, when I entered the centre, I strongly felt that I was in the right place at the right time. And this time, I was not wrong.

Radiation Therapy at HCG

After my registration, I met Dr Trinanjan Basu, who asked me several questions related to my health and diagnosis and diligently noted down my answers. He explained everything about the radiation procedure I was about to undergo. He also ensured that I was at ease and comfortable. A quick PET scan was suggested, and my radiation therapy of 20 sessions was scheduled to begin in November 2018. I was also prescribed injections every three months until July 2020. Since it was an outpatient procedure, it hardly interrupted my normal life and there were no major side effects either.

Every three months, I used to have my PSA levels tested and consult Dr Trinanjan Basu to understand the progress of my treatment. It was always a pleasure to talk to him as he made it a point to make me understand everything about my condition and the treatment given. His calm demeanour helped me stay positive throughout the treatment, and he was indeed impressed with my positive attitude. The work ethics and the degree of precision, with which the radiation department at HCG functions, deserves a special mention.

Final Words

With the help of the prayers of my family and friends and the expertise of the doctors at HCG, I successfully completed my treatment in July 2020. I would like to place on record my appreciation to the doctors – Dr Trinanjan Basu, nurses and other staff members, who created a comfortable setting for me and made my overall wellbeing a top priority throughout the treatment course.

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