Dr. Lohith G

Dr. Lohith G

Dr. Lohith G

QualificationMBBS,DNB (Radiation Oncology ),F-ESMO

Specialities Radiation Oncology

Locations HCG Cancer Center - KR BLRHCG Cancer Center - DR BLR
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Area of Expertise

  • Dr. Lohith’s expertise lies in the treatment of cancers in the head & neck region, breast, prostate and brain.
  • Dr. Lohith heads the precision oncology initiative at HCG and is well-versed in the fields of radiomics and radio-genomics, which focus on personalised cancer therapy.       
  • He is trained in high-precision radiotherapy techniques, such as 3D CRT, IMRT, IGRT, SART, SBRT, proton therapy, carbon ion therapy and brachytherapy.
  • Dr. Lohith has handled over 1650 cancers so far. 

Research & Publications

  • Following are a few presentations made by Dr. Lohith Reddy:
  • Reality cancer mapping oral presentation at Vienna, Austria
  • Immuno-Radiotherapy combinations at New York, USA   
  • Podium presentation on CAF at Miami, USA    

Medical Breakthrough

  • Dr. Lohith Reddy has come up with multiple Immuno-Radiotherapy combinations that support efficient management of multiple cancer types.
  • Dr. Lohith heads the precision oncology initiative at HCG, dealing with Radiomics and Radio-genomics to facilitate personalised cancer therapy.
  • Dr. Lohith is a recipient of various prestigious awards such as the “Research Award” from ESMO and “Award for Research” from the Society of Neuro-oncology, Scottsdale, USA.
  • He is a member of the European Society of Medical Oncology.
  • He has authored and co-authored publications in several indexed and non-indexed international journals.
  • He has also presented his papers at various conferences worldwide.
  • He was an invited faculty at Harvard Business School, Boston, USA                     

Awards & Accolades

  • Dr. Lohith has completed a fellowship in a fellowship on proton and carbon Ion from a reputed institute in Pavia, Italy.              
  • He has also completed his fellowship on proton therapy and SRS-SBRT from prestigious institutes in Germany.      

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