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HCG Cancer Centre - K. R. Road, Bengaluru


HCG Cancer Centre - K. R. Road, Bengaluru

No 8, HCG Towers, P. Kalinga Rao Road, Sampangi Ram Nagar, Bengaluru, Karnataka- 560027

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HCG Cancer Centre, K. R. Road, Bengaluru, is one of the centres of excellence of the HCG network. Through innovative treatment protocols and new-age diagnostic and treatment technology, HCG Cancer Centre has cared for millions of patients since its inception. HCG Cancer Centre is India’s first cancer hospital to house the Cyclotron facility and PET-CT technology at its unit.

At HCG Cancer Centre, patients are given access to 360° cancer care starting from prevention, screening, second opinion, diagnosis and treatment to rehabilitation and palliative or supportive care.

As a dedicated comprehensive care centre for cancer management, we aim to deliver consistently high-quality, specialised and result-oriented cancer treatments through unique and patient-centric approaches like value-based medicine, multidisciplinary care, tumour board meetings, etc.

The centre has been internationally acclaimed by industry experts for its highest quality clinical outcomes. A case study was conducted by Harvard Business Review (HBR) on HCG’s treatment approaches and clinical outcomes in 2013 at HCG Cancer Centre, Bengaluru. The study reported that the 5-year survival rates for breast cancer patients are on par with the international standards.

Treatment Approach

We, at HCG Cancer Centre, Bengaluru, believe in delivering value-based and patient-centric cancer care.

The multidisciplinary treatment approach helps our specialists devise customised treatment plans for our patients based on their cancer type, stage and their overall condition. In other words, the treatment given will be specific to that patient rather than to that specific type of cancer. This personalised approach shall have a positive impact on the treatment response and recovery among patients.

The multidisciplinary team at HCG comprises trained and highly skilled surgical, radiation & medical oncologists, along with pain management specialists. This core team is supported by a qualified and trained team of general physicians, dietitians, physiotherapists & psycho-oncologists who are trained to provide round-the-clock support to patients.

Diagnostic Services at HCG Cancer Centre, Bengaluru

The centre is equipped with advanced technology to provide optimum diagnostic support to patients in and around Bengaluru. These technologies help specialists have a better understanding of the disease and recommend the best treatment plans that lead to positive clinical outcomes.

PET-CT (Analogue/Digital): PET-CT is one of the advanced methods of molecular imaging that provides data on both anatomical and biochemical changes. PET-CT imaging helps in increasing the precision of diagnostics.

PET-CT imaging has a significant role in multiple phases of cancer care namely diagnosis, staging/restaging, treatment planning, monitoring and treatment evaluation.

HCG Cancer Centre, Bengaluru, is the first hospital in Karnataka to house a digital PET-CT in order to facilitate faster and reliable diagnostic support.

Digital Mammography: Digital mammography is an imaging technique that is dedicated to breast cancer detection. Low-dose X-rays are used to look at the breast for the signs of benign or malignant tumours.

MRI Scan: MRI scans help in generating exceptionally detailed images of various organs like the brain, spine, prostate, uterus and liver, which allow the specialists to differentiate between benign and potentially hazardous masses.

Genomics: HCG Cancer Centre, in association with Triesta Sciences, offers comprehensive genomic screening services. Genetic counselling and genetic testing play a significant role in the early detection of multiple types of cancers. Genetic testing also helps in assessing hereditary risks for a broad spectrum of cancers.

We also have an in-house laboratory that offers high-end diagnostic services, such as IHC, biochemistry, haematology, clinical pathology and cytology and helps our patients receive on-time diagnostic support.

Treatment at HCG Cancer Centre, Bengaluru

Cancers, in general, need a multimodal treatment approach. At HCG Cancer Centre, all three major cancer treatment modalities are made available under a single roof.

We house an able team of skilled and experienced full-time radiation oncologists, surgical oncologists, medical oncologists, intensivists, anaesthetists and nuclear medicine specialists who ensure uninterrupted cancer care delivery.

Surgical Oncology

HCG Cancer Centre houses a full-fledged surgical oncology department to enable care delivery for major oncology subspecialties, such as head and neck, urology, gynaecology, orthopaedics and more.

The surgical management of cancer involves the removal of the tumour and some healthy tissues surrounding it. Surgery is often combined with radiation therapy or chemotherapy to enhance the overall efficacy of the recommended treatment plan.

At HCG Cancer Centre, we have the facility to perform minimally invasive surgeries like laparoscopy and robotic surgeries, which have a positive impact on treatment response and recovery among patients. The centre houses the da Vinci robotic surgical system, which is one of the world’s most advanced robotic surgery platforms for complex and challenging cancer cases. We have experienced specialists who have received training from reputed institutes to perform these surgeries.

The centre has the best surgical oncologists in Bengaluru, who are skilled at performing minimally invasive surgeries that has a myriad of advantages, such as organ preservation, shorter hospital stays, lower postoperative morbidity, and minimal invasiveness. Our surgical oncologists are also trained in performing reconstructive surgery, which helps patients enhance their quality of life by repairing the structure and function of cancer-affected organs.

Following are services offered by the surgical oncology department:

  • Head & Neck Surgeries
  • Reconstructive Surgeries
  • Gynae Onco Surgeries
  • Breast Surgery
  • Uro Onco Surgeries
  • Ortho Onco Surgeries
  • GI Onco Surgeries
  • Other Onco Surgeries

Radiation Oncology

The radiation oncology department at HCG Cancer Centre assists patients with the latest advancements in the field of radiation medicine. Radiation therapy is used for the management of multiple cancer types.

Our centre the best radiation oncologists in Bengaluru, who are trained to deliver radiation therapy via multiple platforms and help patients return to the best state of health possible.

The centre houses the two most advanced radiation delivery systems, CyberKnife Whole-body Radiosurgery System and TomoTherapy H among others. These platforms are capable of treating cancers with superior precision along with added advantages like faster recovery, reduced side effects and shorter treatment sessions.

Following are the different radiation therapy techniques that patients can receive at HCG Cancer Centre, Bengaluru:

  • Image-guided Radiation Therapy(IGRT)
  • Intensity-modulated Radiation Therapy (IMRT)
  • 3D Conformal Radiation Therapy (3D CRT)
  • Stereotactic Radiotherapy (SRT)
  • Stereotactic Radiosurgery (SRS)
  • Stereotactic Body Radiation (SBRT)
  • HDR Brachytherapy

Medical Oncology

Our medical oncology department is equipped with specially-trained staff to deliver various cancer treatments like high-dose chemotherapy, targeted therapy and biological therapy. HCG has the best medical oncologists in Bengaluru who prioritise both the clinical outcome and the patient’s quality of life while devising the treatment plans.

  • Chemotherapy: Chemotherapy is one of the most common treatments for cancer, and it involves the administration of chemo drugs, which travel throughout the body and kill cancer cells. There are two types of chemotherapy: neoadjuvant and adjuvant chemotherapy. The centre also facilitates day care chemotherapy, which allows patients to receive chemotherapy without having to stay overnight.
  • Targeted Therapy: Targeted therapy is a unique cancer treatment that involves specially synthesised drugs that precisely target cancer cells without harming normal, healthy cells. Targeted therapy identifies specific substances or areas on the cancer cells and uses them as markers for the attack.
  • Biological Therapy: Biological therapy or immunotherapy is a novel treatment approach wherein the patient’s immune system is reprogrammed to launch an attack against the cancer cells. This treatment approach is personalised for each patient, based on his/her immune response.

Haemato Oncology and BMT

Haemato oncology and BMT department at HCG houses the best haematologists and BMT experts in Bengaluru, who specialise in the management of multiple benign and malignant disorders of blood and bone marrow.

Bone marrow transplantation is considered to be a curative approach for multiple blood disorders like aplastic anaemia, thalassaemia, early-stage blood malignancies, etc. HCG is the best hospital for bone marrow transplantation in India, where our specialists cater to both national and foreign patients’ bone marrow transplant needs.

Nuclear Medicine

The nuclear medicine department at HCG Cancer Centre is made capable of delivering high-end and comprehensive diagnostic and treatment solutions like PET-CT imaging, Radioactive Iodine Ablation Therapy for thyroid cancers and other thyroid-related disorders.

The specialists at HCG devise personalised treatment plans that combine two or three of the above-mentioned treatment modalities to increase the effectiveness of the treatment delivered.

Pain and Palliative Care

Palliative care focuses on improving the quality of life for patients with advanced-stage cancers. People with cancer may receive palliative care at any time from the point of diagnosis, throughout treatment and beyond.

Palliative care primarily focuses on managing the symptoms caused due to cancer, which could be pain or other discomfort and helping patients have a better quality of life. While delivering palliative care, we consider the hardships of both the patients and their caregivers and ensure to provide a humane and dignified end to the patient’s suffering.

Our pain management specialists are trained in managing cancer pain, back pain, leg pain, chronic pain, post-operative pain, neuralgic pain, headache and palliative care.

Other Services at HCG Cancer Centre, Bengaluru

Preventive Oncology

Preventive oncology is a specialised department at HCG Cancer Centre that focuses on helping individuals reduce their risk of developing cancers.

The department houses specialists skilled in identifying the cancer-causing factors and planning interventions to reduce an individual’s overall cancer risk. Screening is a significant part of preventive oncology discipline, where apparently healthy individuals are tested for the signs of cancers. This supports early detection and timely treatment for a broad spectrum of cancers. The preventive oncology specialists are also trained in planning medical interventions to delay the disease progression and prevent secondary malignancies.


HCG, which has been at the forefront of cancer care, also prioritises addressing the emotional needs of cancer patients during and after the cancer treatment. The psycho-oncology team at HCG is a brilliant amalgamation of highly qualified, skilled and empathetic psycho-oncologists and psychiatrists. Psycho-oncologists at HCG will thoroughly understand the psychological needs of patients through standard assessment and evaluation and accordingly plan intervention techniques that help patients show better treatment response and achieve faster recovery.

Home Health Services

Through HCG HomeHealth, we focus on delivering world-class medical care to the doorstep of the patients who are recovering from a medical procedure or are home-bound due to age or chronic illness. Professional care from our experts supports speedy recovery among cancer patients and boosts their sense of wellbeing.

HCG HomeHealth offers a carefully designed set of patient-oriented services that save time, offer comfort and also help curb unnecessary expenses. HCG HomeHealth services focus on reducing the need for hospital visits and thereby help patients receive care at the convenience of their home in the comforting presence of their family members.

The key services provided under HCG HomeHealth are home sample collection, medicine delivery, in-home nursing care and comprehensive in-home rehabilitation care.

Speech and Swallowing Therapy

HCG Cancer Centre offers a comprehensive range of speech and swallowing services for head and neck cancer patients. Techniques can include, but are not limited to the following:

  • Articulation improvement
  • Aphasia/Language therapy
  • Cognitive retraining for memory and attention
  • Computer-aided speech or alternative non-vocal communication
  • Swallowing therapy
  • Voice improvement


Onco-dietetics is aimed at making cancer patients feel better & stay stronger. Proper nutrition plays a pivotal role in reducing the risk of cancer, helping patients stay stronger during treatment and combating side effects and illness.

Pink Hope Support Group

Pink Hope Support Group is involved with corporates in conducting multiple awareness campaigns across the country and giving cancer survivors a forum to come out in the open and share their experience and providing moral support to patients battling cancer.

Other services include endoscopy, intensive care, ambulance service and pharmacy.

Infrastructure of HCG Cancer Centre, Bengaluru

  • This full-fledged cancer centre is equipped with all major oncology facilities and is made capable of delivering comprehensive cancer care.
  • The hospital OT complex comprises multiple operation theatres with the latest technology equipment.
  • We have a well-equipped day care chemotherapy ward that is made capable to offer an extensive range of formulary for all oncology needs.
  • HCG Cancer Centre is equipped with an ultra-modern ICU that is equipped with the latest technology for critical care management with dedicated intensivists round the clock.
  • HCG Cancer Centre has a dedicated ward for paediatric patients.
  • HCG Cancer Centre provides accommodation services for international patients in its ergonomically designed guest rooms.
  • The centre also houses an in-house canteen to provide nutritious food to the patients, their caretakers and visitors.
  • HCG has a dedicated physiotherapy department to support rehabilitation and recovery among our patients.
  • We also have dedicated unit managers and help desks to efficiently fulfil patients’ treatment requirements and ensure that our patients have a comfortable and seamless cancer journey.

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