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Good Doctor vs Honest Doctor - Dr. B.S Ajaykumar

We are glad to inform that a thought leadership article on 'Good Doctor Vs Honest Doctor: Can the twain meet?' contributed by our Executive Chairman Dr. BS Ajaikumar was featured in the December edition of the BW Healthcare Magazine.

The article focuses on how many medical practitioners worldwide who are well known for their medical or surgical competence, indulge in practices that do not always pass the litmus test of ethics and morality. The wrongdoings may take any form: kickbacks for prescribing tests, pass-back for referring patients to fellow specialists or recommending hospitalization, putting patients 'under observation' devoid of any need whatsoever, unnecessary surgeries, misleading vulnerable populations by creating the need for and highlighting the ease of cosmetic surgeries and the like.

Dr. Ajai also emphasizes on the way one generally looks at an education and career in medicine. For many, a practice implies a return on the investment made in medical education, and hence it is aimed at endeavours that help one earn a handsome and sustainable return. The wider society in general is all too keen to grant social status to an affluent doctor. While it applauds competence, attributes like integrity and honesty are hardly ever recognized; in fact, many stakeholders of the society don't even consider them as virtues.