• I am healthy; should I worry about breast lumps?
  • Whom should I go to if I find lumps in my breast?
  • I have a lump in my breast; does that mean I have cancer?

Many women have a lot of questions about breast lumps – unfortunately, not many know whom to ask or where to go. This Breast Cancer Awareness Month, we have recorded a special episode of ‘Know It To Beat It’ where all your questions related to breast lumps will be answered.

In this episode, we are bringing Dr. Krithika Murugan, a renowned breast cancer surgeon from HCG Cancer Centre, Dr. Devi, a gynaecologist from Milann Fertility and Birthing Centre and Dr. Mithua Ghosh an experienced genomics specialist from Triesta Sciences, together, who will be discussing breast lumps in and out.

For any cancer-related enquiries, feel free to get in touch with us or log on to www.hcgoncology.com.

Podcast hosted by: Dr. Krithika Murugan, Dr. Devi, Dr. Mithua Ghosh.