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Patient Care

At HCG, our care for the patients goes beyond diagnosis and treatment as we ensure that we provide our patients with a full continuum of healthcare services, which comprises of offerings important for a faster and healthy recovery cycle.
Psycho – Oncology
HCG is very sensitive to your emotional needs and extends a helping hand through COPER: Centre of Psycho-Oncology for education and research. Psycho-Oncology is the sub-speciality of oncology that addresses emotional issues and concerns of individuals and their families touched by cancer. Our Psycho-Oncology team is a group of specialists trained in mental health counselling and includes psychologists and psychiatrists, who specialize in cancer care, rehabilitation nurses, and social workers. This team is competent in dealing with adults as well as children.
A healthy diet is the cornerstone of good health and such dietary practices help in improving general health. It is important to understand that making wise changes in the diet plan can help in improving health. Having proper knowledge about which food to take, and which to limit or ignore, is the first step towards good health.
The traditional paradigm of tumor profiling for single gene mutation in cancer involves multiple tests, each targeting a single gene and revealing only a portion of what is happening within the tumor, and can lead to a “one size fits all” view of possible therapies. This is effective in some cases but can lead to increased cost and a longer time to get the answer. This strategy is successful when it leads to innovation and improves the standard of care, but fails when it becomes trial and error.
Time has come, when there is need of complete paradigm shift for comprehensive cancer care, by adopting 'Next Generation Sequencing Technologies' to add a differentiation in cancer classification and patient stratification, to understand each individual patient's response to targeted therapies. This will enable physicians to go beyond the one-size-fits-all model of medicine, to make the most effective clinical decisions for each patient.
Home Care
Home care services at HCG provide a wide range of health care services to the patients, in the comfortable surroundings of their homes. The core focus lies in Post-acute, Post-operative and chronic conditions like cancer, stroke, age related disorders, hepatology, orthopaedic conditions, and cardiac conditions.
At HCG, we provide quality services, at affordable rates, with a clear focus on quality home care for patients with acute and chronic conditions with longer recovery cycles. We provide customized and personalized care, taking into account the kind of care the patient needs, and the patient’s medical history. We offer multiple services to patients, like home visits, lab collection, home procedures and online and tele-calling support, through our extensively trained staff.
Nuclear Medicine
HCG - the specialists in cancer care, are at the forefront of the fight against cancer. With a network spread across 27 centers, the specialists at HCG use a multi-disciplinary approach, along with the latest technology, to provide care and hope to over 1,20,000 patients every year. To provide the best treatment to our patients, we offer the latest in diagnostic imaging. The Biograph mCT Flow is one such diagnostic imaging tool available at HCG. Introduced for the first time in India by HCG, it is the world’s first PET-CT scanner that completely eliminates traditional stop-and-go imaging. Thanks to its faster scanning and lower radiation dosage, the Biograph mCT Flow creates a benchmark in cancer diagnosis with accurate imaging and patient comfort.
Patient Support Group
Pink Hope
The Pink Hope Support Group plays a significant role in providing moral support, encouragement and building confidence in cancer patients undergoing treatment. Pink Hope Support Group is involved with corporates in conducting several awareness drive programs across the country and in several community development programs giving the cancer survivors a forum to come out in the open and share their experience and lead a new, normal life.
Pink Hope Cancer Patient Support Group cordially invites you to the awareness campaign sessions scheduled on the last Saturday of every month. These sessions are open to all and free of cost. So come, join us, to find out all that you always wanted to know about cancer and its treatment, which is revolutionising not only the rate of survival but also the quality of life. Eminent oncologists will share their thoughts and answer all queries. Survivors will talk to you about their experiences in fighting the big C.