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Two Year Old Suffering from Beta Thalassemia | Cancer Treatment | HCG Cancer Center Bangalore

Beta Thalassemia

In this heartfelt video, Rahim, a father from Kenya, shares his family's journey with Beta Thalassemia Major, affecting his son Caeel since the age of two. Their long-term treatment involved an allogeneic BMT. After two years of seeking medical care in Kenya, they were referred to HCG Bangalore, where they met Dr Intezar Mehdi, a senior consultant in pediatric oncology. Thalassemia, an inherited blood disorder, has required regular transfusions and poses life-threatening complications, shortening their lifespan. Fortunately, HCG in Bangalore provided excellent facilities and comfort for Caeel during his treatment. The only cure for thalassemia is bone marrow transplants, and luckily, Caeel's younger sister Nayara was a perfect match. All procedures were successful, and they returned to Kenya.

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