Shankar had to lose an organ to save his life. We came together to preserve both.

25 Jan, 2022

Shankar had always been a healthy and active individual. Shankar seldom fell ill, and in fact managed an extremely disciplined lifestyle. His day began at 4:30 am with Yoga for an hour. After his session of yoga, he would go about his daily activities. So, when he started losing weight for no apparent reason, he knew something was not right.

Shankar was diagnosed with Rectum Carcinoma and the news came as a complete shock to his family, especially so since Shankar led such a healthy lifestyle. He visited multiple hospitals before HCG and every hospital recommended spindle removal. A consultation with his GP led him to visit HCG where a multi-disciplinary approach was taken.

As his family reeled under this news, they slowly started finding strength in the comforting words of Dr. Bhattacharjee. Through the multi-disciplinary approach, the team decided to use all the modalities of Radiation Oncology, Medical Oncology and Surgical Oncology. For the surgery, basis the case analysis, Dr Bhattacharjee and team felt the best and least intrusive way forward would be with Robotic Surgery. This would help Shankar recover a lot sooner and go through with rest of the treatment. Shankar went through surgery and radiation at HCG and resorted to alternative medicine instead of chemotherapy. His wife was by his side throughout the journey of one and a half years and took care of him like she would of a child.

His experience at HCG was a comforting one. He calls it home away from home and believes that his doctor gave him a second lease of life. The assurance and confidence provided by the doctors put Shankar at ease and he knew he was on the path of recovery. “The days I was at HCG, I felt like I was sleeping at home. They never stop caring for you. The doctors and nurses are always finding ways to make this difficult journey as comfortable as possible.” For Shankar, we at HCG came together as a family and helped him not only win over cancer but also maintain quality of life by successfully preserving his organ.

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