Stomach Cancer: Symptoms, Signs, and Causes

The most challenging aspect of stomach carcinoma is that its symptoms are not easily recognizable. In fact, some individuals may not experience any of the early symptoms of stomach cancer at all, making it one of the most harrowing diseases.

Some stomach tumor symptoms may be similar to those of other less serious gastric problems, such as GERD, gastritis, peptic ulcers, etc. In these cases, the signs of stomach cancer are not given enough attention, and early detection becomes a challenge.

What are the Different Stomach Cancer Symptoms?

Stomach cancer may present itself in different ways. Stomach or gastric cancer symptoms are often similar to those of other less-serious diseases. Thus, it is essential not to ignore any stomach-related symptoms and see a doctor for a prompt evaluation. Here are some of the stomach tumor symptoms that should not be ignored:

Top 9 Stomach Cancer Causes

We do not have clear information as to what causes stomach cancer yet. However, certain factors have been identified as possible causes of stomach cancer. Being associated with these risk factors can increase one’s chances of developing stomach cancer.

Here are nine possible stomach cancer causes that one must keep an eye on:

When should I see an oncologist?

If you are persistently experiencing the symptoms listed above, you should consider visiting your primary care doctor for a check-up. After assessing your symptoms and risk factors, the doctor may recommend a consultation with an oncologist for a conclusive evaluation.


Stomach cancer is a serious disease, and its early detection is challenging. The stage at which cancer is diagnosed has a significant impact on survival rates, quality of life, and other aspects of the disease prognosis.

Often times, stomach tumor symptoms overlap with the symptoms of various less serious gastric problems and, therefore, may be ignored. That said, persistent gastric symptoms are a cause for concern, and they must be properly evaluated for a conclusive diagnosis.

Frequently Asked Questions

Stomach cancer is a slow growing cancer, and patients may not experience any symptoms initially.

Though stomach carcinoma can initiate anywhere in the stomach, it usually begins in the stomach's lining.

Stomach cancer can result in back pain; however, it is uncommon.

Stomach cancer pain may vary from individual to individual. It can be a dull pain, a burning sensation, or a sharp pain in the abdomen.

Yes, a 25-year-old can get stomach cancer, but it is rare.

Gastric neoplasm refers to the growth of abnormal cells in the stomach. It can be classified as a benign or malignant neoplasm of the stomach.

A gastric cancer tumor is the formation of a stomach cancer lump or a mass of cancerous cells in the stomach.

The stomach cancer symptoms in females are similar to those found in males.

Some of the simple ways to identify stomach cancer symptoms include being aware of the symptoms, getting regular checkups, and consulting the doctor in case of any risk factors.

The symptoms of gastric adenocarcinoma may vary from one patient to another. The following are the commonly observed gastric adenocarcinoma symptoms:

  • Abdominal pain
  • Bloating or a feeling of fullness
  • Black stools or vomiting blood
  • Nausea and vomiting
  • Loss of appetite
  • Weight loss
  • Fatigue