Elekta Synergy with Agility Treatment at HCG MNR Cancer Center, Ongole

07 Mar, 2024

Over the years, Elekta Synergy has played a significant role in advancing radiation therapy with its early adoption of 3D image guidance technology. This platform pioneered soft tissue volumetric image-guided radiation therapy. Equipped with guidance tools, such as cone beam CT, it has assisted in identifying tumors and critical structures during radiation delivery, contributing to precise dose placement. While newer models now exist, Synergy continues to be a foundational technology in Elekta's product line.

What is Elekta Synergy?

Elekta Synergy, a radiation therapy solution, integrates reliable image guidance technology. As the pioneering linear accelerator with 3D image guidance during setup, it includes features like 3D X-ray volume imaging, imaging tools, and integrated functions for streamlined and efficient treatment. Elekta Synergy is designed to offer simplicity and accessibility for simple and complex treatments.

Significance of Elekta Synergy in Radiation Therapy

The significance of Elekta Synergy Linac (Linear Accelerator) in Radiation Therapy includes:

Image Guided Radiation therapy(IGRT)

Elekta radiation therapy ensures a synchronized workflow in radiation oncology through integrated image guidance and treatment delivery. MOSAIQ, at its core, is image-enabled, providing a versatile treatment management solution tailored to meet the complexities of image-guided radiation therapy.

Agility Beam-Shaping Technology

Elekta Synergy platform accommodates various treatment delivery techniques with its support for integrated multileaf collimators. This feature enables users to select beam shaping that aligns with their clinic's requirements. Through innovative design, Elekta Synergy empowers the reduction of doses to critical structures while fulfilling the clinical goal of delivering higher doses to the target.

Adaptive Radiation Therapy (ART)

Administering high doses in modern radiation therapy demands precise patient positioning and effective management of internal motion during imaging and treatment. Elekta's solutions efficiently handle patient immobilization and motion management, enabling margin reduction and dose escalation. Managing target localization related to respiratory motion can be complex. Elekta Synergy's 4D anatomically correlated motion management capabilities empower clinicians to visualize respiratory motion and accommodate baseline shifts.

Treatment Planning Integration

As IGRT becomes a standard of care, Elekta Synergy goes beyond offering tailored imaging with various modalities. It encompasses unique features, including the industry's largest IGRT field of view, ensuring the delivery of personalized patient care throughout the entire radiotherapy treatment process.


The Synergy system, equipped with Agility 160 MLC, accommodates diverse treatment methods like 3DCRT, IMRT, and IGRT. These advanced techniques optimize dose delivery by adapting to the tumor's shape and preserving adjacent healthy tissue.

Reduced Treatment Times

Agility MLC's swift leaf movements facilitate high dose delivery rates, with the system supporting rates of up to 600 MU/min. This enhances treatment efficiency, ultimately minimizing overall treatment time for patients.

Improved Patient Experience

Employing evidence-based medicine facilitates well-informed decisions regarding treatment techniques, outcomes, and performance. Elekta Synergy provides users with a comprehensive solution, integrating patient-centric treatment planning and the MOSAIQ® patient management information system, granting access to the entire oncology chart on a single platform.

Clinical Evidence and Research

Clinical evidence and research on Elekta Radiation Synergy technology often focus on its impact on treatment outcomes, side effects, and overall patient experience. Numerous studies have investigated its efficacy in various cancer types, such as lung, cervical, brain, spinal cord, pelvic, abdominal, prostate, and head and neck cancers.

Incorporating Agility Technology into Elekta Synergy

The field of radiation oncology is constantly evolving, and the need for precision, enhanced safety, and adaptability is ever-increasing. While Elekta Synergy remains a revolutionary radiotherapy platform, its integration with Agility technology has made it an even more powerful radiation treatment modality that is more precise and patient-friendly.

What is Agility Technology?

Elekta Synergy is a pioneer in advanced image-guided radiation therapy (IGRT), celebrated for its clinical adaptability, user-friendly interface, and reliability. Its distinguishing feature is the integrated Agility, a specialized multileaf collimator (MLC) developed for precise radiation beam shaping. Agility ensures precise tumor targeting with sharp imaging resolution. Its streamlined design accelerates treatment times and minimizes effects on healthy tissue, elevating the overall treatment experience.

How Agility Enhances Treatment Accuracy And Efficiency

The following are some of the characteristics that allow Agility to enhance the accuracy and efficiency of treatment and improve patient outcomes.

Precision Beam Shaping

Elekta Synergy with Agility offers outstanding beam-shaping capabilities through its advanced integrated multileaf collimators, catering to various delivery techniques. The fully integrated digital control, coupled with continuous real-time optical verification, ensures precise placement of all leaves, resulting in faster, safer, and more accurate delivery.

Rapid Treatment Delivery

Tailored patient care is achievable through various techniques, from 3D conformal techniques to static and dynamic IMRT and VMAT. These advanced delivery methods eliminate the need to compromise between speed and accuracy.

Reduced Treatment Times

The rapid leaf speeds of the Agility MLC result in reduced treatment durations, enhancing patient comfort and convenience.

Adaptive Radiation Therapy

The Agility MLC effectively shapes radiation within large 40 x 40cm fields, providing versatility for diverse treatment modalities. Its minimal interleaf leakage ensures a precise dose drop-off beyond the treatment area, prioritizing the patient's well-being.

Improved Targeting Accuracy

The sophisticated image-guidance capabilities of this platform facilitate precise visualization of tumors and motion tracking. This ensures accurate positioning and radiation targeting, minimizing the potential impact on healthy tissue and enhancing treatment accuracy.

Why Choose HCG MNR Cancer Center, Ongole, for Elekta Synergy with Agility Treatment?

Balancing technological advancements and personalized care is crucial in cancer treatment, and the radiation oncology team at HCG MNR Cancer Center brings them together with the primary goal of enhancing the quality of the care delivered. The multidisciplinary and patient-centric approach at HCG MNR Cancer Center aims to enhance the safety, personalization, and comfort of cancer care. HCG MNR Cancer Center has advanced cancer treatment facilities, including Elekta Synergy with Agility technology. Conditions treated with Elekta radiation oncology technology at the HCG MNR Cancer Center include head and neck cancers, abdominal cancers, pelvic cancers, breast cancers, brain cancers, spinal cord cancers, prostate cancers, cervical cancers, and lung cancers.

If you wish to reach out to cancer specialists at HCG MNR Cancer Centre, Ongole, we suggest you book an appointment on the website, after which our care officers will reach out to you to assist you with appointments and other requirements.


The domain of radiation therapy undergoes constant evolution, and leveraging the latest clinical advancements becomes effortless with the Elekta Synergy family. Incorporating cutting-edge technology in image-guided radiation therapy (IGRT), intensity-modulated radiation therapy (IMRT), and advanced delivery techniques can positively impact treatment outcomes and overall prognosis and help patients conquer cancer the right way, the first time.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What is the difference between TrueBeam and Elekta?

The TrueBeam linear accelerator generates precise tumor images and delivers targeted radiation doses. Elekta Synergy excels in advanced image-guided radiation therapy (IGRT) and is known for clinical flexibility, user-friendly interface, and reliability. What distinguishes it is the integrated Agility, a specialized multileaf collimator (MLC) developed for precise radiation beam shaping.

  1. How does Elekta work?

Elekta employs advanced radiation therapy technologies like Synergy. Synergy combines imaging and treatment capabilities, facilitating precise targeting of tumors and minimizing radiation exposure to surrounding healthy tissues for improved outcomes.

  1. What are the side effects of the Elekta Synergy?

The side effects of Elekta Synergy are generally related to the radiation therapy it delivers. Common side effects may include skin irritation, fatigue, and localized reactions at the treatment site. However, the severity and occurrence of side effects vary among individuals. As the radiation dose delivered in Elekta Synergy is precise and accurate, the side effects are relatively fewer than in conventional radiation therapy.

  1. How do I prepare for Elekta synergy with agility treatment?

The following are some of the most important things to keep in mind while preparing for your treatment on the Elekta Synergy with Agility platform.

  • Consultation: Discuss the treatment plan, potential side effects, and any concerns with your radiation oncologist.
  • Immobilization: Follow instructions for immobilization devices or body molds to ensure consistent positioning during treatments.
  • Dress Comfortably: Wear comfortable clothing on treatment days, ensuring easy access to the treatment area.
  • Avoid Certain Products: Your expert team may recommend avoiding specific lotions, creams, or deodorants in the treatment area.
  • Follow Instructions: Follow all the instructions of your expert team regarding diet, medication, and lifestyle during the treatment period.

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