Keeping Hope Alive - Serving and Reaching out to a Community with HCG Foundation

25 Jan, 2022

While we stand at the point of a new dawn of understanding, a new era of valuing one another, a new period of love and respect, we take a pledge to help heal ourselves and those around us by committing to something larger than ourselves - by committing to give back in whatever way we can.

With this hope in mind, on 29th April, 2015, Intel Securities, Bangalore marked the celebration of Global Community Day where all employees joined hands with HCG Foundation to extend support to those fighting cancer. The focus of this initiative was to hope for a better quality of life for the cancer patients and support them in their fight against this disease.

The event was a joint effort by the volunteers of Intel Securities (Bangalore) and HCG and was held at the HCG Cancer Centre (Kalinga Rao Road), where the volunteers painted the walls of HCG with ‘HOPE’ in different languages followed by sketching the artworks at Swasti Gallery. The event helped the volunteers to visualise Hope on paper and fill it with the colours of happiness, love, good health and well-being.

For all of us as human beings the most important component of wellness is to embrace and celebrate the fact that we are part of a larger community, and it is time to take a bigger role in that communitys well-being, while ensuring that the people in the community are loved, supported and valued.

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