An apple (and 4 other super foods) a day keeps breast cancer away

25 Jan, 2022

It can’t be easy for anybody to be told – “You have breast cancer”. However, that’s exactly what happened to 1.5 million women in 2010. Early detection and treatment can improve prognosis considerably. However, first things first, and in this case, it’s prevention. So let’s get to what you can do to safeguard yourself from this disease. Since diet often has a major role to play in deciding how resilient your immune system is, we’ll discuss foods that can be of help in keeping breast cancer at arm’s length.


Now is probably the best time for you to know that this fruit, though commonly found, has enough goodness in it to help you fight breast cancer. But if you have been in the habit of taking off the peel and chucking it into the dustbin, you may need to reconsider. Research has shown that the peel contains not just fibre but also a lot of anti-oxidants – and all of that is needed by the body to fight cancer. Flavonoids contained in apples fight free radicals, thus reducing the risk of breast cancer.


Be it in your tempered Continental preparations or spicy Indian dishes, using broccoli may be a good idea. For some years now, researchers have continually sworn that this cruciferous vegetable might just be the answer to breast cancer. Research has brought out the presence of sulforaphane in broccoli. The Institute of Food Research (IFR), which is Norwich-based, considers sulforaphane to be an element that propels the body’s own cancer fighting mechanisms.


A vegetable and fruit later, it’s time for some nuts. According to the American Institute for Cancer Research , walnuts are rich in polyphenols, known for their ability to act as anti-oxidants. This nut variety has been found by researchers to also be able to reduce the pace at which breast cancer tumours grow.


This is a seed you can trust to be your breast cancer fighting buddy. The best form is of course powdered flaxseed, which contains lignans. This component fights breast cancer by engaging in anti-carcinogenic activity within the body. Powdered flaxseed is versatile so you could add it to milk and drink it up or even sprinkle it on your food.


If you’re wondering what spice can give your food that extra edge, garlic might just be the right answer. However, there’s more to garlic than just taste enhancement. Research has found that it may be able to fight breast cancer effectively. The reason? The apigenin, fisetin and quercetin contained in garlic have serious cancer fighting abilities.

You might say that food might not be all that there is to the picture for something as serious as breast cancer. But you’d surely agree that it can be a start.

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