Liver Transplant: Sharing More than a Life Together

25 Jan, 2022

36 year-old Arun Kumar was diagnosed with liver cirrhosis when he was in USA. Despite being put on the liver transplant waitlist, Arun could not find a suitable match. With time running out, he turned to the specialists at HCG who identified that his condition had deteriorated significantly. Arun was now very weak and had developed severe ascites. He was desperately in need of a liver donor. Little did he know that his wife would be a suitable match.

Arun’s wife had several complications, making the process more challenging. However, he was in need of a healthy liver if he was to beat the cirrhosis. The doctors’ multi-disciplinary approach ensured that Mrs. Kumar was healthy enough to donate part of her liver.

Both Arun and his wife were prepared for the surgery which lasted a grueling 16 hours. The high-risk procedure proved to be a success. Both husband and wife are now leading healthy lives.

Arun’s liver condition was a result of autoimmune hepatitis, a disease which is on the rise. About 3% of the population is living with hepatitis B and hepatitis C. Hepatitis B often progresses to liver cancer. The asymptomatic condition tends to be discovered only at an advanced stage. But patients can tide over their condition with a liver transplant surgery.

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