HCG Cancer Centre
New Town,Kolkata

HCG Cancer Centre Plot DG 4, Premises No. 03-358, Action Area 1D, New Town, Kolkata - 700 156.

OVERVIEW HCG Cancer Centre, located in Kolkata, West Bengal, is a dedicated comprehensive cancer care facility that was established to create a significant milestone in West Bengal’s fight against cancer. Established through a partnership between HCG (HealthCare Global Enterprises Ltd.), India's largest provider of cancer care, and Diagnostic Pvt. Ltd., a leading diagnostic and imaging chain in Eastern India, this centre is driven by the vision of redefining healthcare through global innovation and adding life to years.

As a leading cancer treatment hospital in Kolkata, this 88-bedded hospital offers a comprehensive range of services encompassing prevention, screening, diagnosis, second opinion, treatment, rehabilitation, follow-up, and palliative care.

At HCG Cancer Centre, a vast team of cancer specialists with expertise in surgical oncology, radiation oncology, medical oncology, haemato oncology and BMT, and nuclear medicine work together to provide a wide range of treatment modalities under one roof. The centre's commitment to advanced technology is evident through the introduction of Radixact, a next-generation TomoTherapy machine that ensures superior precision in radiation delivery.

Oncology Services

Our surgical oncology team excels at performing path-breaking surgical procedures, namely keyhole surgery, organ preservation surgery, reconstructive surgery, and many more. We also have a full-fledged haematology and BMT department that devises comprehensive BMT programmes to cater to the needs of patients with benign and malignant blood disorders. As Kolkata’s top cancer hospital, HCG goes beyond medical care by providing holistic support through various allied services, such as multidisciplinary rehabilitation, psycho-oncology, and preventive oncology.

HCG Cancer Centre is poised to revolutionise cancer care in Kolkata and beyond, providing patients with cutting-edge treatments, personalised care, and the hope of a brighter future in their fight against cancer.