HCG ICS Khubchandani Cancer Centre
Cooperage, Colaba, Mumbai

HCG ICS Khubchandani Cancer Centre Maharishi Karve Road, Opposite Cooperage Football Ground, Cooperage, Mumbai - 400 021

OVERVIEW HCG ICS Khubchandani Cancer Centre in Mumbai is a premier comprehensive cancer care hospital that combines expertise and innovation to provide exceptional cancer treatment. Our mission is to deliver high-quality, specialised care and help our patients achieve outstanding health outcomes.

As one of Mumbai's top cancer hospitals, HCG has always been at the forefront of advanced cancer treatment. We were the first in Maharashtra to introduce the ground-breaking CyberKnife and Radixact TomoTherapy platforms, showcasing our ongoing commitment to leveraging state-of-the-art technology in cancer care.

At HCG ICS Khubchandani Cancer Centre, we employ a multidisciplinary approach, personalised medicine, and value-based care to customise treatment plans to each patient's unique needs. Our care approaches are patient-centric, and our cancer specialists ensure that our patients understand their condition thoroughly and make informed health decisions throughout their cancer journey.

All major departments at HCG ICS Khubchandani Cancer Centre are equipped with high-end diagnostic and treatment facilities and are capable of delivering the best quality care and support to our patients and helping them deal with a broad spectrum of cancers. In addition to our clinical services, we also offer allied services, such as speech and swallowing therapy, onco-dietetics, physiotherapy, and more. These play a pivotal role in supporting cancer patients throughout their journey by facilitating additional care and addressing various aspects of their well-being.

Oncology Services

Specialised Breast Clinic: Our specialised breast clinic provides a wide range of services, catering to preventive screenings, precise diagnostics, advanced treatments, and thorough follow-up care for breast cancer patients. Additionally, our breast clinic offers extensive support services, such as counselling, survivorship programs, and palliative care, aimed at addressing both the emotional and physical needs of patients as they navigate their breast cancer journey.

At HCG ICS Khubchandani Cancer Centre, it is our priority to put our patients at the centre of their care journey and provide exceptional cancer care that puts their well-being and recovery above everything, making us Mumbai’s trusted destination for comprehensive cancer treatment.