Dr. Prabhu Nesargikar

   MBBS, MRCS (RCSEng), MA (Medical Education), MD (Research), MFSTEd (RCSEd), FRCS (RCSEd), CCT (UK)

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Dr. Prabhu Nesargikar


MBBS, MRCS (RCSEng), MA (Medical Education), MD (Research), MFSTEd (RCSEd), FRCS (RCSEd), CCT (UK)


Surgical Oncology


HCG Cancer Centre - K. R. Road, Bengaluru


19 Years

  • Dr. Prabhu serves as Consultant –GI and Peritoneal Oncosurgeon, Bariatric Surgery, Surgical Gastroenterology   
  • He is the clinical lead for Lifestyle, Obesity and GI Care (LOGIC) by HCG     
  • International pedigree having trained exclusively in UK (CCT), Singapore and S. Korea for GI and Peritoneal Cancer, Bariatric and Endoscopic Surgery 
  • He was former Assoc Consultant in Upper GI Cancer and Bariatric Surgery at National University Hospital, Singapore. 
  • Dr. Prabhu is one of the select few surgeons who offer a comprehensive approach to gastro-intestinal cancers, from organ-preserving endoscopic surgery to minimally invasive surgeries (laparoscopic and robotic) with results on par with international standards.
  • He is experienced in peritoneal cancer treatment including PIPAC, IP Chemotherapy and HIPEC Surgeries
  • He is also well-versed in bariatric surgery and other comprehensive weight loss treatments like intragastric balloons, laparoscopic sleeve gastrectomy and gastric bypass. 
  • His also an expert in performing endoscopic/ Scarless surgery including EMR/ESD for early cancers in the GI tract, RFA treatment for Barrett's, POEM for achalasia 
  • He is experienced in performing minimally invasive surgeries for hernia and gallbladder along with abdominal wall reconstruction surgeries for complex hernias, as well. 
  • Dr. Prabhu has so far handled more than 1000 cases.
  • Dr. Prabhu is the recipient of several awards of accolades including the prestigious “Young Investigator Award” at ESOT Congress, Belgium and awards at Japan and Korean Congress. 
  • He topped at the national interviews in United Kingdom to enter the higher specialist training at Edinburgh, UK. 
  • He is a member of multiple reputed associations like IFSO, OSSI, ISDE, AUGIS and ASI. 
  • Dr. Prabhu has authored a good number of publications for international journals
  • He had MD awarded for his research thesis on renal ischemia-reperfusion injuries from Cardiff University. 
  • He has presented more than 100 papers in various conferences around the world and has been an organising member of conferences in Singapore and the UK. 
  • Member of Faculty of Surgical Trainers at Royal College, Edinburgh and is a tutor on the ChM Surgical Teaching Programme, University of Edinburgh. 
  • He has completed Leadership and Management programme from NHS, Scotland and is a strong advocate for ‘Patient safety and Human Factors’ in Surgery.
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